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Is it normal that my "gaming" laptop is running games like poop?

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  3. Is it normal that my "gaming" laptop is running games like poop?

User Info: SilentHawk29

3 years ago#11
Modify optimus settings.
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User Info: ivanderland

3 years ago#12
Right click game shortcut and select your dedicated gpu instead of the Intel.

User Info: WerdnAndreW

3 years ago#13
If you minimize the game, the GPU has nothing to render?
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User Info: Senkoy

3 years ago#14
Does your laptop have any power saving settings? Turn them off, it will make most games run on the integrated GPU instead instead of your 650m, which is a decent card. You should also try other games too.
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User Info: Javelin

3 years ago#15
Dragonfire4356 posted...
Its an alienware

Found your problem.

User Info: AsucaHayashi

3 years ago#16
D3 will also kill the s*** out of your drive for the same reason. Look forward to lots of bad sectors soon.

huh... how much of a strain does that put on an SSD in terms of write cycles?
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User Info: Dragonfire4356

3 years ago#17
Well ok, I think if i minimize and check GPU-z it will show 0 percent load no matter what. So i tried looking at GPU z while the game was minimzed and it DID show the 650 was active.

So I guess its just destined to run like ****?

I didnt think it was THAT bad.

ALso, I tried insurgency just now. I have to put it on medium and 1400x900 res (instead of the native 1600x900) and its pretty smooth. Not amazing by any means. Playable though I guess. I just expected a little more out of this thing.

User Info: Dragonfire4356

3 years ago#18
Also im not in power saving mode and i made sure to allow the 650 to be priority in the nvidia control panel.

User Info: KhelThuzad

3 years ago#19
Right click on the Diablo 3 destop icon and choose 'run with (your dedicated graphics card)'.
Laptops usually run everything with the default crappy intel cards instead of the more powerful card to save power.
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User Info: Zaltera

3 years ago#20
I just expected a little more out of this thing.

Your awful 650m is holding you back. It's only marginally better than Iris Pro 5200 integrated graphics.
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