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What OS are you using?

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User Info: Black_Assassin

3 years ago#11
haters gonna hate

I've never had any problems with it.

User Info: DC07301981

3 years ago#12
Windows 7

User Info: wemibelec90

3 years ago#13
Bought 8 when it was cheap, upgraded to 8.1 recently. Works just fine.

User Info: ghstbstr

3 years ago#14
Win 7 64bit Home Premium
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User Info: SleepComa

3 years ago#15
Currently, for the satisfactory moment I am using your mom's OS.

User Info: Infini22

3 years ago#16
Win 7.


3 years ago#17
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User Info: MarceloSampaio

3 years ago#18
Win 7 64bit Home Premium.

Been using this for 4 years. Heck, I got a new computer and STILL kept the same installation, thanks to the sysprep command. ^^
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User Info: Orestes417

3 years ago#19
Arch and Win 8.1 dualboot on my primary box. More stuff than you could possibly imagine in VMs
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Windows 7.
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