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Meridian4 steam bundles

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User Info: BingSanpao

3 years ago#1
Anything worth picking up? I do remember enjoying Siberia quite a bit, but user reviews for a lot of these games are mixed to say the least.

User Info: MarceloSampaio

3 years ago#2
Meridian4 RARELLY publish good games. Out of a few good ones, like the Siberia games, most are 5/10 games at best.

And even Siberia isn't a 10/10 game...

The worst part about them is that sometimes they lie about their games. Recently, they released the Dracula games on Steam, claiming they are enhanced version, but they are just ports of the mobile versions, with MANY scenes missing, MANY puzzles that where dumbed down, and even the intro movie is gone.

But they posted screenshots and trailers of the original Win9x versions, which looks WAY better. And even the trailer shows a scene that was actually cut from this new version.
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