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Old games that should be remade

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User Info: Futureops-

3 years ago#81
MaxCHEATER64 posted...
It is, but honestly you can just set up a link to it in Steam anyway. It used to be browser-based but it's standalone now.

I would like to wait for steam because I am a little achivement hunter.
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User Info: Stilghar

3 years ago#82
Wing Commander (any before Prophecy).

StarFleet Command.
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User Info: KaijuKing97

3 years ago#83
Ogre Battle 64
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User Info: Jaghave

3 years ago#84
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User Info: CharCol97

3 years ago#85
King's Quest and Star Control series
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User Info: kblaze13

3 years ago#86
Rage of that game and it's sequel.

Conqueror 1086 AD...the game was buggy as f*** but it was still extremely fun and if they fixed the bugs it would be even more so.
Iightningz posted...
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User Info: importvita

3 years ago#87
All of them.

Wing Commander
Zork (in 1st person)
MechWarrior (entire series)
Baldur's Gate I & II
Neverwinter Nights
Alpha Centauri
Icewind Dale
System Shock 2

On and on and on and on and on....SO many great games!!!!!!
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User Info: toomanymouths

3 years ago#88
Correct answer: Baldur's Gate series.

User Info: MetalDialga

3 years ago#89
Any of the King's Quest titles. Maybe V the most though, I enjoyed that one a lot
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User Info: vwvSUPERMANvwv

3 years ago#90
There is this old PC body inhabiting game called Messiah. I wish they'd make a sequel or a remake.
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