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ITT: Post games that everyone hates but YOU love!

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User Info: bigbadharry

3 years ago#71
rainedown posted...
Dammit bigbadharry you stole mine!

Gotham City Impostors all the way and for days lol. I have over a thousand hours in that game between xbl, ps3, and PC. So few shooters do anything different that the gadgets and humor in this game just get me every time-and customizing your very own mental patient to such a big degree is pretty great too.

I can absolutely forgive some bugs and glitches for the fact that the game is so fun.

Thanks for elaborating though, I couldn't have said it better myself. It's got a load of variety and it just so darn wacky. It too bad it didn't catch fire like TF2 did. I like it more than TF2 it's probably my favorite FPS multiplayer game at the moment. Not that TF2 wasn't a great game it's just that I tired of it after a while.

User Info: CircleOfManias

3 years ago#72
ITT: Well-known games where the only hate you really see is from people that just like to be contrarian, but people love to have a persecution complex.
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User Info: notSFF

3 years ago#73
Sacred 2 Gold
Diablo 3
A Valley Without Wind
Bionic Dues
Rogue's Tale
Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army
Zeno Clash series
Dead Island Epidemic
Hero Siege
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User Info: killa1096

3 years ago#74
Shiya64 posted...

Forgot to put this on my list.
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