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If you have a mouse that cost less than $100, you can't be a pro gamer. Period.

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  3. If you have a mouse that cost less than $100, you can't be a pro gamer. Period.

User Info: Polypherus

3 years ago#71
>Pro gamer


User Info: LoneCourier2281

3 years ago#72
taco_ninja393 posted...
Good thing I don't want to be a pro player, just a casual pleb
"We're talking about how many more moves than we've seen before?"

User Info: Pink-Tears

3 years ago#73
I'm Commander Shepherd and this is my favorite mouse on the Citadel.
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User Info: samuraigaiden

3 years ago#74
Funny, 'cos I have a 1 million dollar mouse.

User Info: user_pt

3 years ago#75
If you're making this kind of thread, you can't be very smart. Period.

User Info: Ran_Ao_Li

3 years ago#76
I think mine was like £10? Honestly, I don't even know what a 'gaming mouse' is or does. I always presumed it was just one of those cheap tactics that companies pull to attract 'pro' gamers to buy their stuff. It seems like its just to show off. What does a gaming mouse actually do?
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User Info: Kazseppi

3 years ago#77
I guess only PC gamers can be pro. Unless you're saying I can play console games and just own a $100+ mouse and not use it to be pro?
Truth had gone, truth had gone, and truth had gone.
Ah, now truth is asleep in the darkness of the sinister hand. - 14383421

User Info: abdou

3 years ago#78


Only on this PC board can find this kind of topics


User Info: RedWaggon

3 years ago#79
SinisterSlay posted...
I still have a ball mouse, a classic intelipoint. It's even turned yellow from age and hand juice.

Pro gamers rock on any equipment they can find.
To use your analogy, it's like showing up to NASCAR with a Prius and winning.

BOOM, baby!! That gave me goosebumps

User Info: Zacek

3 years ago#80
I know a lot of great guitarists with cheap equipment.
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  3. If you have a mouse that cost less than $100, you can't be a pro gamer. Period.

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