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Why do people here hate Origin?

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User Info: games_pot1

2 years ago#41
Haha, I dislike it because it is not Steam. Steam has pretty much done everything right in the PC business. You do not see tiny developers able to put their AAA low-budget titles on there. A company gets support when they do something that the customer thinks is essential. Origin has not done anything that Steam has.

User Info: thegreatsquare

2 years ago#42
1: I hate having to have a second game client.
2: Kingdoms of Amalur... it works fine in offline mode, unless you have the DLC. Then you can't use your saves. I've never had this happen on Steam. On Steam, if there are requirements such as being online, needing a 2nd game client or signing in to something, they almost always list that on the game's store page. I don't think I'll buy EA's DLC ever again.
3: I'll never buy a non-EA game on Origin. [...or a non-Ubisoft game on Uplay.]
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User Info: arleas

2 years ago#43
If most EA games were also available on Steam I'd probably still buy them. Right now the only Origin games I own are the ones they're throwing out for free, that humble bundle from ages ago (I haven't yet played any of them) and whatever they gave me because I already owned it on steam (Spore for example).

Actually I'm kinda glad EA is keeping their stuff on Origin because EA has been a lousy company for years and I don't want to be enticed to support that kind of company. By keeping their stuff on their own storefront, it makes it easier to ignore it. Like BF3 for example... I probably would have bought that if it was on steam or even a standalone product.

Regarding EA being a terrible company: they have bought up numerous developers in the past, wrung them dry and then tossed them aside when it was convenient for them... To hear EA tell it, they weren't the ones to blame and the devs did it to themselves. They treat their employees rather poorly causing one fed up spouse to post a report on how they had to do 84 hours a week with no overtime compensation or anything (resulting in a class action lawsuit)

They've got (or have had in the past) a few exclusive licenses (like NFL?) and that's not good unless you're glad that there are no NFL football games on PC.

They have in the past taken an old game, literally changed a few pixels and slapped a new title on it and sold it a 2nd time (FIFA 2013 for the Wii is just FIFA 2012 with slightly updated uniforms and a new logo).

They ruined the simcity franchise by trying to force online/multiplayer into it,

There was the incident where a guy was banned from his games (even single player if it required a login) over something that happened in the forums. They quickly backed away from that, but it's kinda ludicrous they should have thought it was a good idea in the first place.

I could probably go on but I would fill the entire space of this message and a bunch of you guys probably didn't even read this far. (Skipping to the last line doesn't count).
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