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PIck a favorite game of yours - now tell us something bad about it

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User Info: SuigintouEV

3 years ago#161
HighOnPhazon posted...
DarthSchubert posted...
Zakigaro2 already took mine with Planescape: Torment, and the bad combat.

So if I had to pick a runner up, I'd say Chrono Trigger for it's length. Even with all side quests, it is a pretty short game, which is tough because it is a masterpiece. So I've had no choice but to replay it 15 times, instead of just like 5-6.

I don't really think that is a bad thing. CT is about a 20 hour game and it has tons of different endings.

The fact that it's got a decent length with great replayability is a huge plus IMO.

It doesn't need to be a 60 hour slog fest. Also, most RPG's on the SNES weren't very long. FFVI was about the same length.


I consider CT's length to be a strong point in fact. It never over-stays its welcome, which is why it's pretty much the best-paced RPG ever made.
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User Info: HighOnPhazon

3 years ago#162
gunner967 posted...
Witcher 2
The difficulty curve. The devs throw you in the deep end and it seems to actually get easier as the game goes on.

I agree with this 100%. The beginning areas of Witcher 2 were easily the most difficult parts of the game.

Once you get more powerful the game becomes quite easy.
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User Info: eviloswald

3 years ago#163
Super Mario Galaxy 2
They stripped out the vaguely interesting plot and Rosalina's touching backstory from the first game, replacing them with another generic kidnap and cake story. Also it didn't have quite the same atmosphere as before, with much more upbeat music and brighter backgrounds.

Super Paper Mario
Where to start? Half the levels are annoying or boring, the bosses are easy and the simple platforming gets a bit repetitive. I mostly like it because of the great story and characters and the excellent soundtrack.

It's full of bugs - I had to restart the game at Level 37 because I had triggered the sacrifice pillar in the Boethiah quest at Level 10 and it wouldn't work again. I hear most of the quests in the game can be broken or glitched in some way.

Kirby Super Star Ultra
Um... it's kind of short?

Mario Kart 8
The useless coin item is way too common in first place.

User Info: wyansas

3 years ago#164
Ninja Gaiden Black. Move lists for all weapons are too short and it's too hard. Even though I've beaten Master Ninja numerous times, there are certain spots that aren't balanced well at all.
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User Info: JLA79

3 years ago#165
Mortal Kombat 9
They killed almost every character and still found a way to bring them back next game.

User Info: Silent_21_Snake

3 years ago#166
Mass Effect 3. I absolutely loved it, it had gameplay far better than ME1 & ME2 whilst providing detailed worlds and environments, more brilliant characters and storytelling, with well crafted romances and friendships while bringing arguably the greatest gaming series of all time full circle to its completion.


As great as it was. The best parts of Mass Effect 3 are DLC. This is why most anyone who plays Mass Effect 3 gives you a less than favourable opinion when compared to ME1 and ME2, because they didn't play the ME3 DLC.

It is really unfortunate. But the ME3 DLC is absolutely stupendous. The In Ashes DLC bringing to life the answers behind the Prothean/Collectors mysteries that have plagued the galaxy for eons, the Leviathan DLC detailing the origin of the Reapers themselves and tackling one of the most dangerous foes in a truly glorious environment, Omega DLC reprising one of ME2s more memorable settings introducing new characters and powers, the Citadel DLC which is quite possibly the funniest and most adorable DLC ever created which brings in new and old teammates while telling a funny but enchanting story in great settings with new areas and gives the series the great send off it really deserves.

Then there's the single player campaign which was average.

The average single player campaign is what the majority of Mass Effect 3 players base their views on the game on. Which is completely fair, because that is the game. It is a grave injustice that in order to get the answers in the Mass Effect series and to experience the greatness of ME3 you need to purchase additional add-on content.

In summary.
Mass Effect 3 campaign = 7/10
Mass Effect 3 DLC = 10/10

The DLC is better than the game. The DLC alone is better than most games that have ever been created. I simply cannot stress how good the DLC is compared to a rather average campaign. I adore ME3 because of the DLC, it is something most didn't play however and therefore one of the best games of all time is neglected because of its average campaign that people never opted to buy the content which actually made the game, the DLC.

If people paid for the DLC they would fall in love with this game. But many didn't. Which is understandable because DLC is expensive and somewhat unfair to ask gamers to spend money on content that should have been included as standard. But it doesn't change the fact that the DLC is absolutely incredible and so many have a negative view on ME3 because they didn't play the DLC packages.
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User Info: legoslave4829

3 years ago#167
Call of duty 4. Let's see the m16, juggernaut, mile high club on veteran, and x3 frags. Still not as bad as mw2 with danger close and one man army. So many noob tubes. :P

User Info: The_Despair

3 years ago#168
Metal Gear Solid 3

Well sometimes the A.I isn't something to be proud of. And I always thought that The Pain and the Fear was weak as characters who are supposed to be the incarnation of their "names"
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User Info: I_Dont_Agree

3 years ago#169
Age of Mythology- Some major/minor gods are terribly balanced, while some are nearly worthless. (Leto...).

Silent Hill 2- Always felt like a few characters like Eddie or Angela were never fully developed. And despite being able to roam all around the town there's very little to do between the major locations.

Silent Hill 3- Could have used an extra level. And some levels like Sewer and Office Building felt out of place and irrelevant. Also the story took a dive after the halfway point. It's still a very good story, but I didn't like the focus on demons and gods and stuff.

Terraria- If you're not a builder then you could very easily run out of things to do. RNG based drops from monsters help but some items have a pitifully low chance to drop, and most of the time the items are something mundane or useless like Coingun. World size is limited but Large is big enough, and you can easily farm other worlds for what you need.

Morrowind- I don't mind the combat. But if you wear Heavy Armor and don't have teleport spells or speed boosters you're basically going to crawl around at snail pace.
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User Info: SuperVegito2487

3 years ago#170
ChromaticAngel posted...
Half-Life 2. The bad thing about this game is that it eventually ends.


goddamn 7 year unresolved cliffhanger..

i dont mind cliffhangers, but SEVEN YEARS... come on.
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