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PIck a favorite game of yours - now tell us something bad about it

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User Info: InfinityOver0

3 years ago#201
chrono cross, great game, great story, cool characters, great battle system, great music, beautiful pre-rendered backgrounds.

but the 1 thing is that it practically makes us get on our knees and beg for a true chrono trigger sequel
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User Info: Zohar_Metatron

3 years ago#202
Another couple:

Ys Origin: Hugo.Not only does the dude more or less break the entire game outside of a few of the boss fights by out-reaching everything (and having a shield in case something gets in close), he's just not likeable. And not even in a love-to-hate sort of way, he's just sort of a bland jackass until he decides to stop being a jackass, then he's just sort of bland. Yunica and Toal have some redeeming characteristics, at least, and they're both more fun to play.

FFXI, WoW, and I guess MMOs in general really but I played these two the most: The endgame. This makes me an anomaly, and I'm not dissing the content, but

A) running the same raids/dungeons/camping the same NMs over and over wears thin, especially when we are considering the possibility in places that nobody in the group will get the thing/s they need, and

B) the human element of scheduling runs, getting people to actually be around on schedule, having drama, etc.,

B is a hit-or-miss thing that's entirely experience-specific, sure, and A is mitigated by things like WoW's disenchant materials from unneeded drops and the billions and billions of alternative currencies you could buy stuff with. Still the "yeah we're doing that thing tonight AGAIN, presuming our tank remembers to log in" element of it always led me to go change to another job or roll up a new character before I got too far in.
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User Info: Twindragonfang

3 years ago#203
Suikoden 2.
Its issues: Low difficulty, Strategic war battles not utilized enough/properly, a few odd moments with translation, but that's common for the time the game was released.

User Info: HighOnPhazon

3 years ago#204
bluegender4ever posted...
Baldurs' Gate 2: Probably the one thing that sticks out glaringly is how bad most of the class kits are. Only the Fighter class has (2) useful kits, all the other kits are comparatively minor in their changes and don't offer much beyond what the base class could offer in the first place. Notable exceptions are the Inquisitor and Blade

I agree pretty much. Most of the kits are pretty much crap. Fighter has Berserker which is phenomenal, and Kensai which is also pretty good.
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User Info: Bchulo88

3 years ago#205
Richardthe3rd posted...
Super Metroid.

The bad thing about it?

Damn... I really have no idea...

maybe that the planet blows up removing any chance for a direct sequel?

Youre right it is pretty perfect, how about not explaining how to use the missle combos, and the dots on the mapnot starting out as circles like the gba games

User Info: KCGemini

3 years ago#206
NetHack - It's pretty much required to learn almost the entire keyboard due to having so many actions. It's also unforgiving and has miles of spoilers that will ruin the game if you look at them.
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User Info: Offspring7

3 years ago#207
Parmpreet001 posted...
Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep.

The whole Disney thing just ruins the storyline, they could have made the game alot more mature, and maybe even dark if they wanted to.

What Disney thing? Disney has been a huge part of Kingdom Hearts since the beginning.
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User Info: zezmeril2345

3 years ago#208
SinisterSlay posted...
zezmeril2345 posted...
The Legend of Dragoon

Level grinding is very prevalent, even early in the game.

Your just doing it wrong :D

You never need to grind. There is a trick.

Just pick 2 party members you hate (Usually Shana and Lavitz for me) and make them die in every boss battle. Dart will get triple experience.
Pretty much after Helena, Dart is a walking death machine if you do this and you can solo every boss effortlessly. Continuing to get triple XP each time.

I've played through the game nearly ten times over the years. I've tried that, and it's been hit or miss on leveling. Sometimes, I would find myself grinding for several days to keep up, and other times I'd find I would be over leveled for the same stage in a different playthough. Now that I've thought about the game more since my initial post, I would have to say the problem would be the lack of mentioning how to raise dragoon levels. Most people would want to use the dragoon stones whenever they could, but to gain d.levels you need to gain sp while the meter is full.
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