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PIck a favorite game of yours - now tell us something bad about it

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User Info: SnipeStar

2 years ago#31
almightydun posted...
Game: Kings Quest V

Something Bad: motherf%#^$%# godd^%&$ bulls(*&^*% hard tear my f(&(^ hair out puzzles. Granted I was young but godd@%$ that was crazy hard. Had to buy that stupid guide with the red glasses and the hidden text just to beat that f&#$^% pile of garbage!

looool i had that as well.

was that the KQ with the part early in the game where you can save a mouse being chased by a cat in a very brief, subtle little scene.. and if you didn't save the mouse, hours later near the end of the game in the castle you would die and have no idea why, or how to get out of that trap.
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User Info: iiFroZenHeAveNz

2 years ago#32
Final Fantasy X

That voice acting.. If my 10 year old self couldn't get into the voices... My current self can't deal either.. Dear lord... But the story is nice and it was one of my most memorable experiences growing up.
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User Info: rainedown

2 years ago#33
The dark souls series. Cheating is rampant, and with 2 soul memory is a terrible mechanic.

Gotham city impostors. Quite possibly my favorite fps ever, but the matchmaking is pretty bad because it's peer based (like most console based shooters, but it kept it when brought to PC). Low population means you only ever get to play team death match on a near instant queue, the other game types have nearly no one playing. Other than that it's honestly usually other fps games that I complain about missing some element from GCI.

User Info: chandl34

2 years ago#34
Jagged Alliance 2 v1.13: my all-time favorite.

No matter how much tweaking I do to the XML files, I cannot make it so weapon progression does not snowball out of control in my favor. Once the game gets to sniper rifles and long-range battle scopes, a lot of the fun is over. Last playthrough, I tweaked the XML, so enemy progression would be slower. I had enemies still using pistols and low-range SMGs in my third town. But somehow... I still managed to find long-range guns. I think I even had a low-tier sniper rifle. So really, most of the fun comes from the first couple towns, and the massive Drassen counter-attack.

Defenses are still usually fun throughout the game, when every one of them turns into a re-enactment of the last battle in Saving Private Ryan. Attacks are usually boring though, because of my weapon superiority. Another issue with attacks is that most of the battles will take place where you enter the map. You don't really get to fight through the entire battlefield, which would've been really cool.
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User Info: Easyle

2 years ago#35
Warcraft III.

The pathfinding... oh god.

User Info: Zohar_Metatron

2 years ago#36
Devil May Cry: Grenade rolling is maybe a lil' too good-it doesn't break the game outright, but it certainly knocks a fair amount of the difficulty out. Also the underwater bits sucked, but seriously there's maybe two of them? So who cares.

Doom: While I think the level design is spot-on for the most part, and in general it's one of the very few games (maybe the one game) I would call a must-play, they sorta screwed up Mt. Erebus in the third episode as far as the design goes-with little direction or obvious sequence of events, and a rocket jump in a game that never otherwise needs one or even suggests such a thing's possible. (Thy Flesh Consumed in Ultimate is outright **** start to finish, meanwhile.)

Mass Effect: The inventory system. I'd put ME1 in my top ten personal favorite games ever, and I can understand lamenting the loss of the RPG elements in the second game, but I'll take a more shootery experience over ME's nonsense setup any day. (I'll stand by the Mako, though.)

GitarooMan: I consider this the best rhythm game ever, but the tracks, which are broken up into segments and sorta randomized, have a bad habit of repeating chunks while letting others go entirely unheard more often then not. Also not nearly enough Mojo-mojo-mojo MOJO KING BEEEEEEEEEE.

Condemned: The last level. After an awesome, creepy, labyrinth of a penultimate level that wraps up with a great fight against the villain, suddenly you're dealing with this miserable gauntlet of giant mutant looking dudes and weird-ass shadow ninjas, and then a real easy final boss. The first 90% of the game nails it, but the end didn't work.

Splatterhouse 2010: This isn't really a "favorite" so much as a game I mourn, since the higher-ups didn't like it and didn't release it so much as dragged it out back and shot it. I wave the flag for it because someone has to, and I really feel like it could've gone from "meh game, like the concept a lot at least" to "pretty good" with one or two patches.
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User Info: PhilOnDez

2 years ago#37
Persona 4 Golden, and 3 FES as well

They had a cool idea where the game takes place over the course of a year and you experience pretty much every day of it. The problem is, despite the absolutely massive amount of content the games have, it still feels like there's nothing going on for 3 weeks at a time. 4 Golden tried to fill in some of the empty space of 4 with fun little events (beach trip, concert, ski trip, operation up close and personal, probably some more) but ultimately the problem is that the plot is only moving forward 2-3 days a month, after the full moon in 3 and after the foggy days in 4, plus a random day or two here and there.
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User Info: threetothree

2 years ago#38
I'm not so much a PC Gamer, but I am a huge fan of Super Meat Boy. Only thing bad about it: one hit deaths.


User Info: fallenswords

2 years ago#39
Final fantasy 1, must have a guide.
A Mod/Admin replied on 8/28/2011 10:09:48 AM:
Katawa Shoujo changed my life.

User Info: Inferno4501

2 years ago#40
Kid Icarus Uprising
I wish it had a better story and a bigger variety of weapons.
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