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PIck a favorite game of yours - now tell us something bad about it

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User Info: Hicks233

3 years ago#41
Pathologic - probably my all-time favourite.

The English translation is appalling, graphical glitches on contemporary gpus, arguably clunky controls and a relentlessly punishing set of mechanics.

Despite all that I still adore it and with plans for a remake and a soon to launch fundraising drive I'm hopefull that it'll get a second wind to baffle and impress people with.
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User Info: kobalobasileus

3 years ago#42
Game: Final Fantasy 6

Something Bad About It: The sprites are lacking animation during the story segments, which makes the drama feel a bit like it's being acted out with finger puppets.

User Info: firebrand898

3 years ago#43
Dark Souls: Terrible 2nd Half

User Info: ZeppelinFan777

3 years ago#44
Dark Souls

It ends, and also the PC port is terrible without mods such as DSFix and DSCFix. | |

User Info: daemon_dan

3 years ago#45
Final Fantasy 7 - The story is not everyone's cup of tea. The battle system can feel outdated.
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User Info: Arn544

3 years ago#46

Always hated cait sith, didn't fit the lore or narrative well, and I just generally disliked his design.

User Info: finaleve

3 years ago#47
Okami: Clover crashed and burned and won't be making a proper sequel, even if Capcom gets it's act together.

User Info: bshwalker

3 years ago#48
Mirrors Edge- too short.
Would have been awesome to have a free roam option and to be able to watch and save your completed levels in third person.
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3 years ago#49
Grim Fandango.

There is no digital download version of the game available, and even if you get your hands on a copy, it does not work on modern OS without some tweaking.
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User Info: Crysis121

3 years ago#50
Final Fantasy XII - Atmostsphere like Final Fantasy II was the best

Vaan can go die. . .Penelo can go die with him, heck, if those two were removed completely and we started with Bathier and Fran with them sneaking into the castle to get the shard, I'd be happy.
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