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why do you think most early access games get slow to no updates?

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  3. why do you think most early access games get slow to no updates?

User Info: Blueandwhite87

2 years ago#1
the early access was a good idea but it seems like games get there money and the devolepoers just forget how to make a game and personal issues or they say there changing engines etc.. it seems like it's all excuses, I Research this daily to see if all games are like this and well a lot of them are.

I have stopped buying early access do to these issues,

so here is my question how does it make sense that a developer builds this game and says we wanna grow the game with you learn from are player base and then months, without patches, and just tons of excuses, then out of no where a final patch and its released as a complete game with a lot of broken promises

Not all games do this and some do use early access right

1 more thing that really grinds my gears is when a game is in early access and the devs say were releasing a new game or working on a new game but don't worry were still working on that game... yea because if you never made a buck wouldent you have been more motivated to finish the game first then work on another?

My question is why even finish a game if you already made a lot of the money?

In my opinion this is why early access games go months without updates some have been close to a year...

This needs to change or this great idea I can't seeing it be in the future as many can only get burnt so many times.

User Info: KaiserWarrior

2 years ago#2
Because Early Access is a scam to sell unfinished software to gullible dupes that have bought into the notion that you don't actually need to receive finished, working product for your money these days.

It is part of the cancer that is killing video games.

User Info: SleepComa

2 years ago#3
Lol Dayz gets updated every freaking week and the progress is going quite well IMO.
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User Info: fallenswords

2 years ago#4
SleepComa posted...
Lol Dayz gets updated every freaking week and the progress is going quite well IMO.

No it doesnt.

It's been out for almost a year and none of the promised features have been implemented. Zombies still walk through walls for Christ's sake.
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User Info: SpazH3d

2 years ago#5
Because of tiny dev teams. You aren't even paying attention to the frequency of patches or patchnotes, so stop blaming the devs and not yourself.
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User Info: Blueandwhite87

2 years ago#6
im sorry I don't belive that there teams are so tiny the game gets no updates..

User Info: NintendoFan81

2 years ago#7
A lot of early access is small teams, however that shouldn't excuse their lack of updates at times. One update a month or so is reasonable IMO. Lots of people give feedback, report bugs and so on.. the game makers address the common issues and go from there. Small bug fixes every few weeks or so seems quite reasonable at the least.

I blame Steam Greenlight for letting so much junk getting to be early access though. Many people see something they think is good, so they vote yes. It comes out, and the game doesn't even sell well usually.

People thought shovelware was a problem on GameCube, PlayStation 2 and Wii as some examples.. but IMO Steam is getting to be just as bad. Many many crappy games for $5 or less. Many crappy $10 games as well. I would rather pay $15-30 for a polished decent game that actually has lasting power.

I also blame online bundles. Many games for a few bucks, and most of the time.. people only get the bundle for a game or two.

But i mainly blame the consumers: they are impatient and need games non-stop (even if they own 100s of games they havent beat). Short attention spans are rampant. A gamer these days gives up on games too quick or has to resort to a guide quickly.

/end rant.. for now.

User Info: arleas

2 years ago#8
It depends on the game.

Some games get very regular and scheduled updates, and some get updates just whenever... like "oh hey, I felt like doing some coding this morning and found 4 bugs in the software, added 2 features and then I got bored...see you whenever I feel like getting back to it".

Prison Architect seems to get an update every month or so (last update July 31st, the update before that was June 27th, and the one before that was May 30th).

Space Engineers had an update August 7th, before that it was July 31st, July 24th, July 17th.. much more frequent update schedule.

The Forest got updated on August 8th, and before that July 26th, July 22nd, June 30th, June 15th... a bit more erratic but still frequent.

So far every Early Access game I've looked at has had several updates... so where did you pull this "most early access games" thing from?

As for why some do frequent updates and others do not, it might have something to do with a game's saves being broken when a new update is released. Too frequent on the updates will just piss people off. Obviously you want to save frequent updates for urgent fixes, and make your game improvements in much slower cycles.

As an example of a slower update cycle: Kerbal Space program has been in Early Access for a while but doesn't have that many update notes... probably because it's one of those games that breaks your game saves from earlier versions. The only times they tend to release an update quickly is when it's fixing some critical bug.

User Info: Blueandwhite87

2 years ago#9
I could name a few but why bother...

User Info: arleas

2 years ago#10
Blueandwhite87 posted...
I could name a few but why bother...

Translation: Trololololo
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