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Balanced, competitive, but still varied FPS?

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User Info: pothocket

3 years ago#31
dunkis posted...
I play TF2 every once in a while but I don't like its style of play. Everyone fills a very specific role with specific weapons.

But I thought you wanted "varied" and something your friends "can play together strategically".

Sorry, I've heard a lot of silly complaints against TF2 but saying that the classes aren't generic enough is a new one.

User Info: dunkis

3 years ago#32
I know, it's very picky of me. Ultimately I don't expect to find an FPS perfect for me. And I do play TF2 for fun with friends, but I just dislike just how niche every role is and how long it takes to get items for each class. I get bored playing as the same role over and over but then I'm not good enough to play every role at an effective level. It does encourage teamwork, but then that's why I don't ever play it alone with purely randoms. I'd still like something that I can get away with playing alone.

Basically, I want something that does have a skillcurve, but nothing too steep such that I shouldn't need to learn every in and out of the metagame in order to be good at it. But I should clearly be able to win with better aim and positioning without necessarily having the best setup.

To put it another way, for those who play smash bros competitively, I'm at a level where I want to play on fair stages, not always FD though, have items off, and just have a good and fair 1 vs 1 as any character I feel like, but I'm game for items and free for alls. I like playing at a level such that any character is viable. I don't wavedash or do many other techniques, though I know how, because I just don't feel like practicing them. I don't want to get to that level where only a select few characters are really viable, every move I make is frame perfect, one mistake could cost me the match, etc. I'm competitive but not anal. I prefer Project M because everyone is viable, it has Brawl content, but caters to competitive gameplay.
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