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Best aquarium games?

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User Info: TheUberhero

3 years ago#1
Games kind of like tycoon game or a storefront game. Also best aquarium screensavers.

User Info: Digital Storm

Digital Storm
3 years ago#2
Not the best, but certainly the most creepy, is Seaman for the Sega Dreamcast.
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User Info: Darkshowers

3 years ago#3
I really enjoyed Feeding Frenzy.

After Dark was the first screensaver that I knew of that featured fish.

User Info: arleas

3 years ago#4
Aquarium games like a tycoon game? I don't think I've ever seen an "aquarium tycoon" game...

In fact other than "Seaman" which Digital Storm mentioned, The only other Aquarium game I can even think of is "Insaniquarium" which is more of a clickfest than a tycoon game.

Hmmm.. looking on steam shows there's actually a "Fish tycoon" game. I had no idea these things existed.

User Info: happyscrub1

3 years ago#5
There a pop game I played years ago ...

I think the name changed... so I guess it's updated.

Its pretty cool
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