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Rise of the tomb raider petition please sign

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User Info: Amirygon

2 years ago#31
I signed.

Whether it works or not, it takes no effort for anyone whatsoever.

But regardless, it'll flop if it doesn't happen to be a timed exclusive. I loved Tomb Raider (2013) & loved the DE on PS4, but it would never be a system seller if it were truly exclusive and I've my doubts about XB1 having the fanbase to support it.
It is the fact you are offended, quite frankly, that offends me.

User Info: Polypherus

2 years ago#32
It will come to PC, anyone says otherwise is stupid.

User Info: Arn544

2 years ago#33
KillerTruffle posted...
Read this on PC Gamer... makes a fair bit of sense.

"By entering into this deal, Square Enix is essentially accepting that it stands to gain more from Microsoft’s financial support (this sort of deal is often structured to include guaranteed marketing spend on things like TV ads) than it does from just selling the game to everybody."

Initial sales of the last Tomb Raider were far short of expectations. Now they're limiting their audience even further by restricting it to one of the least popular modern platforms. The only reason I can see they would *ever* enter that deal is if they can earn more from Microsoft exclusivity - guaranteed money from MS regardless of sales - than they probably could by releasing it multi-platform. I doubt a petition will change that.

Idk how people can say one of the least popular, it's in the middle of the three.

User Info: 2Dhas_a_MIGRANE

2 years ago#34
ripvision posted...
darkus_f posted...
Raikouen posted...

Good Lord Almighty!! XD

I don't get it, is there a pun in there somewhere? Someone explain please. My brain is slow today.

The new Tomb Raider is similar to the Uncharted series which is exclusive to Sony consoles. He was making a joke that Microsoft wants their own "Uncharted-like" exclusive game but then also pointed out the fact that it won't sell because no one owns the console it's going to be exclusive to.
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User Info: lightingemporow

2 years ago#35
listen well my friend this is only a timed exclusive we all know this because square enix has only just got out of financial dept. Moneysoft paid them some millions for like a year and square will release it later for pc and ps4 so dont be worried

User Info: Grimlink132

2 years ago#36

User Info: DEMONPANDA212

2 years ago#37
WyzeGye posted...
Proud PSWii60, XB14U, 3DS, Vita and P.C owner. And I love them all :D

User Info: ThePylon

2 years ago#38
Lol let them have exclusivity. This is the pc board is it not? We know we will get it eventually just like Ryse and Dead Rising. The jealousy of sony fans sometimes.....
I play too many different games to even care.

User Info: SythisTaru

2 years ago#39
We are PC gamers, we should have Microsoft's back after everything they do/have done for us. People are disgusting.

User Info: Futureops-

2 years ago#40
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