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Are older "tank control" games playable with joypads (Tomb Raider, etc)

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  3. Are older "tank control" games playable with joypads (Tomb Raider, etc)

User Info: BrutaI_Deluxe

3 years ago#1
Instead of getting them on playstation, I figured I might just get them on PC. I use a PS3 controller with DS3 tool and can use Joy2Key too if it's a necessity.
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User Info: LostHisHardcore

3 years ago#2
I'd like to use my 360 pad with the old games. What's the best tool?
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User Info: CatToy

3 years ago#3
Modern controllers probably won't work natively. Tomb Raider came out back when game ports on PC's were commonly used.

Joy2Key would probably work, but I don't know how it handles analog sticks.

Edit: Also, do yourself a favor and ditch DS3 Tool for Better DS3.
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User Info: Graviteer

3 years ago#4
Games like Severance: Blade of Darkness play with mouse and keyboard, even though the former is not used to look around. It has tank controls, and it's still a nice scheme to avoid that problem of multiple keys being pressed at once, benefiting from 2 or more mouse buttons and a wheel to scroll through weapons, running speed, etc.

The only thing that "tank control" games need is a quick turn feature that allows more than just 180º. Say you are running and approaching a corridor at 45º (holding W and A) and you press the quick turn key that adds the input angle to your running angle, bringing you to 90º and facing the corridor's depth.
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User Info: Bellum_Sacrum

3 years ago#5
They're perfectly playable if you have joytokey around and as long as your controller's digital pad isn't terrible like the 360's.
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  3. Are older "tank control" games playable with joypads (Tomb Raider, etc)

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