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Honestly, console gaming doesn't offer anything PC can't offer these days.

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User Info: DAP1MP13

3 years ago#121
Jedi454 posted...
DAP1MP13 posted...
Playing devil's advocate here….

People don't want to buy a new video card every year.

People don't want to pay $1k+ for a gaming device. Then they don't want to pay $100 for a gaming mouse, $100 for a gaming keyboard.

They don't want to pay all that just to play $5 indie games they can play on their phone.

No one wants a computer tower next to their tv in the living room, that would be ridiculous.

People sit at a desk all day during work, the last thing they want to do is come home and sit at a computer desk to "unwind."

You play video games? Cool, maybe we can share games or maybe play together sometime.


You play games on your computer? Lol, loser….

Once again, just playing devil's advocate.

I spent $987 Australian Dollars on my PC, that i'll get at least 4-5 years of use without upgrading, due to being able to Overclock my GPU and my CPU. My CPU has a 3 year warranty in case anything goes wrong, my power supply has a 5 year warranty, my GPU has a 3 year warranty, my motherboard has 3 year warranty and my RAM has a lifetime warranty in case anything goes wrong.

I Bought a Keyboard and Mouse combo for $75. I have my Tower in my living room hooked up to next my TV in it's unit. The Keyboard and Mouse combo I have is wireless and I game from the couch, I can also switch out and use a lot of games with a controller with ease. Steam can also actively be used as a controller based OS if you switch it to "Big Picture". Games are significantly cheaper, I don't have to leave my home just to buy games, when they're available on a lot of marketplaces.

You can't stereotype PC gaming into the chair and desk set up anymore. I'll fire up some pics later once i've cleaned my lounge area.

Nice, unfortunately, the general public may not be as savvy as you and I are, and we are talking about the general public rather than individuals. (I've had the same gaming pc for 6 years now, just a few upgrades here and there).

Cool, looking forward to those pics, thanks.
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User Info: InfinityOver0

3 years ago#122
plug and play games.

>theory disproven
>close thread
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User Info: Devilish_luck

3 years ago#123
Its funny how people keep trying to say that you have to pay a high price and update constantly. Or that you have to have the knowledge to install the components. It is really not difficult any longer, now when I was a kid I helped my father solder stuff on to the motherboard. Plug and play people and basic reading skills.

Now that is just comparing gaming capabilities. My computer is also good for recording television, watching movies, listening to music, doing school work or research. Really the extra stuff is what is really makes it more worthwhile. Remember how xbox was trying to be an all around entertainment device? Well my computer does all that stuff, only it is so much better at it that its a joke. Oh and I also don't have to pay for Xbox Live or PSNetwork.

User Info: Polypherus

3 years ago#124

User Info: BlackWizardMagus

3 years ago#125
I pretty much agree with TC...except, sometimes, my PC still gives me a headache. It didn't want to run Dark Souls after I got it, because of MS Games of Windows or whatever, and then you have to go mess around trying to find a solution, and you find several, but most don't work, and some instructions skip steps, so you have to go find out how to do that missing step in between the other steps, and so on. With consoles becoming just shoddy PCs, though, that difference won't matter much, and I really predict Nintendo eventually only making handhelds and games for phones/tablets, as much as they deny it. The only advantages the consoles have had (and I was a console gamer for all that time) are going away. I could be wrong, but I also think the rate of change in PC parts has gone down; as long as you don't demand bleeding edge performance, you can go years in between upgrades, so it's not a massive headache there either. As much as I hate to sound like a techno-hippy, I am looking forward to many of these barriers going away and games are just games and you play them on whatever runs such-and-such OS, instead of disk-locked, console-locked, region-locked roadblocks.
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User Info: Radar

3 years ago#126
SinisterSlay posted...
This topic feels like troll and/or circle jerk bait.

*grabs popcorn*
Please continue.

*sits down next to you*
Can I have some?

User Info: XtremeWRATH360

3 years ago#127
I got PC/Wii U its really the only combo needed.

PS4 has nothing i want an XB1 has MCC coming out later but im going to wait and see if it comes to PC. Really though there's no reason to own either console unless you REALLY REALLY REALLY need to play their exclusives but even then the very idea of paying for online makes me hurl chunks!
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User Info: Shinobi120

3 years ago#128
Does anyone even have a clue that it's consoles that are the lead platform for most games?

Truth is, the games that you're playing on PC, are upscaled (unless the genres are something like FPS's, MOBA's, & MMORPG's, in which they're mostly popular on PC gaming than on console gaming).

User Info: SinisterSlay

3 years ago#129
Radar posted...
SinisterSlay posted...
This topic feels like troll and/or circle jerk bait.

*grabs popcorn*
Please continue.

*sits down next to you*
Can I have some?

Popcorn, not circle jerk....
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User Info: JKatarn

3 years ago#130
cmmc90 posted...
theres two reasons to make a thread like this, to reassure yourself or to prove something to console people. if its the former you have insecurity issues. if its the latter then your words are falling on deaf ears, you dont see threads like this on console boards because console gamers dont give a rats ass, dont even think about this kinda stuff. it takes a very elitist person to think about this kinda stuff. live and let live.

No, they're just arguing about which plastic box is more powerful than the next one and inconsequential stuff like "oh, our version renders at 944p while YOURS is only 920".
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