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Even Battlefield is pay2win now?

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User Info: cuteboi100

3 years ago#11
I hate the cost of premium more than those shortcut bundles, a lot of guns and play modes are locked until you fork $40. Even without premium, good guns and the right attachments take a long time to grind. And of course until you obtain those you are at a disadvantage.
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User Info: cody4783

3 years ago#12
^Attachments are about the only grind, but ultimately if you're impatient on stuff like that, you can get most of the country-specific attachments for a gun inside a couple hours by jumping into a TDM server and going nuts. For the most part, the other attachments are just vanity items that serve the same functionality.

There are a few exceptions, yes; Like modified chokes for shotguns, tactical lights, flash hiders and similar...But again, largely vanity items.

"Good guns" is a load of bull. Most the guns in Battlefield are just direct side-grades with marginally different stats.

Honestly? IMO, at least:
-You get a couple of the "best" ARs in the game within 2-4 unlocks.
-First carbine is one of the best, second one is absolutely devastating.
-First 2-3 shotguns are really some of the better ones to use. Or at least close side-grades
-The LMG you get by beating the campaign is a easy to use death cannon.
-PDWs...Well, that's one case I'll say that the ones in the DLCs *do* just feel better. Not sure I am happy about that....but PDWs are kinda meh to begin with.
-First and second (unlocked) DMRs are beasts.
-First sniper rifle is solid for aggressive play, 5th for style, and the last if you're a b**** and can't compensate for drop, when you're sitting two miles from the battlefield.
-First pistol is one of the most used and easily holds it's own. First 3 unlocks are sidegrades, third is a shotty, foruth is meh, 5th and 6th are solid and/or upgrades....etc.
-Grenades; Currently the first is a great, well-balanced version. Second is so-so, and third is blatantly overpowered and soon to be nerfed. So meh.

I mean...Really...I've gotten 100+ kills with over 100 different weapons in BF4 now. I'd sooner argue that some of the later guns you unlock are garbage, not worth using, or just all-round mediocre than I would argue they're "Pay to win" or superior unlocks. Hell, when I get tired of the chore of using the later, hard to use weapons...I find myself going back to starter guns for "easy" kills.

User Info: jake-sf

3 years ago#13
Pay to Win has become so overrated as a "bashing" statement.

Pay to Grind, Pay to skip tedious progression, at terrible prices, etc.

All those "Pay to.." get something small that isn't the full game to start with with a fiar price.

All of those are as disgusting as the oh so dreadful, relative "P2W" which is the only word people accept is evil.


It doesn't matter. Its all ******* evil and nothing of it should ever be acceptable.
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