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Sims 4 confirmed to be garbage.

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User Info: Rud3Bwoy

3 years ago#11
smh after sims 2 things were going down hill.........

this is just the end of it for me and the sims series -.

User Info: shmirlywhirl

3 years ago#12
In still going to buy it.

When it goes on sale.

Come at me.
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User Info: BaconPancakes

3 years ago#13
PathlessBullet posted...
BaconPancakes posted...
Also, how come I need 32bit Windows operating system to play?

You don't - it's just that the Sims 4 gains no benefit from having >4GB RAM available to it because it can't use it.

Oh, I misread.
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User Info: PepsiWithCoke

3 years ago#14

User Info: whiteninja2000

3 years ago#15
shmirlywhirl posted...
In still going to buy it.

When it goes on sale.

Come at me.

Ill get it when it's free like 2 was.

User Info: Dragon Nexus

Dragon Nexus
3 years ago#16
So sims 4 is a heavily watered down version of Sims 3. And Sims 3 at launch was already a heavily watered down version of Sims 2.

Still, means we get to buy more expansion packs, eh!?
"Everything popular is wrong." - Oscar Wilde

User Info: galfasanta1111

3 years ago#17
EA is horridly disgusting.
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User Info: DetectiveZ

3 years ago#18
I can already see it.
Imagine all the Sims 4 reviews.
10/10, Best Sims yet! IGN
10/10, Sims was never better! Gamestop

I want to be a game reviewer now,
I mean...every time EA releases a new game, it's like Christmas.
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User Info: Voxwik

3 years ago#19
You know after they pretty much have given fans of the original Plants vs. Zombies the big middle finger on the platform the game originally launched on (PC), I shouldn't be surprised by anything EA does. I looked it up and after promising a bunch of platforms PvZ2 is still confined to iOS and Android with no plans for PC and likewise I'm sure no plans for an all in one purchase. You know they could have charged $40 and I'd have bought one for myself and my sister. Now they don't get a single cent from me for PvZ2. I could rig up an Android device with HDMI so my sister (a huge fan) could play on TV, but I'm so disgusted at this point I'm not going to bother unless she outright asks me. I don't know how they can simultaneously implement scummy microtransaction policies (really different e-currencies for Sims 3 and Sims 4????) and at the same time demonstrate a depressing trend for just outright ruining everything touched by the brand.

I was wrong, EA surprised me again. I shudder to think what will befall the other companies the publisher bought. It's just depressing. It's like what Microsoft did (or probably more accurately did not do) with Rare, but even worse somehow (quite a feat). I'm not even that huge of a Sims fan but my sister is. She's happy with the Sims 3, and in the ultimate of hilarious ironies EA gave away the full Sims 2 last month... so if she gets the itch for another Sims game there's that to try out... and it has far more features than Sims 4 has!

What's next on the agenda, Mass Effect with five $20 "episodes" in addition to more party members for the low, low, price of $7.99 each?

See that's the scary thing about EA. It still does publish some amazing games, but I have to wonder just how/when they will finally kill the developer that makes them. I was introduced to the Ty the Tasmanian Tiger series by my nephew, and the developer is owned by EA, and I think the games are fantastic from what I've played so far. It's not like everything EA does is bad... but I look up the developer and the last I heard was... a 2D Windows 8 exclusive game in that series. Maybe it's good, I don't know, but it just is so depressing. I think that's the only thing I've ever seen so far that I'd be remotely interested in from the Windows 8 store too... and I have Windows 8. I'm usually the white knight in topics like these, but with EA? Man that would be hard. All I can do is say "there are still a ton of great EA games that come out, they didn't ruin everything yet..."

User Info: occono

3 years ago#20
BaconPancakes posted...
PathlessBullet posted...
No rabbit holes at all - Sims move offscreen for work and school. There are no hospitals, work/school buildings…etc.


Look at everything else they've ruined, though. Also, how come I need 32bit Windows operating system to play?

As said, you don't. What that bit is about is complaining that the game's potential performance and features are hobbled by being compatible with old 32 bit processors, which haven't been produced since 2008.
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