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Game developer in bed with gaming journalist.

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2 years ago#271
I googled her and found a video on youtube of some purple haired slightly unhealthy looking chick who took a needle to put a chip in her hand...

The very next video is of her on some kind of erotic website? Not sure.

Is that the person we are talking about?

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User Info: Pawkie07

2 years ago#272

User Info: Run_2_the_Hills

2 years ago#273
Tucker_BA posted...
Honestly the best thing she could do at this point is say "yeah, I did it" and let Nathan Grayson take the heat from here while she walks away from this whole mess for a while.

and eff the next journalist so they'll do an article how she was taken advantage.

User Info: Kiutsu

2 years ago#274
For all the things she's done, isn't it possible for her to go to jail for this?

User Info: Robotron2084

2 years ago#275
Don't know if this was posted but here comes the Zoe Journalist Defense Squad:

Guess it's none of our business and it needs to be swept under a rug. Mark these website people and call them out.

Also I'm really impress by the Fill Fish (Fill Zoe?) meltdown on twitter. First he says he would love to kill all gamer by fire (does that go for little kids too Phil?) and then he tells everyone they're childish. I think he may be another mark on the Zoe bedpost with his hyper defense posture.

User Info: kblaze13

2 years ago#276
well considering she slept with someone involved with making his game, it can taint his game as well in this. So he's actually responding as one would expect in defense of something.
Iightningz posted...
I hate Lightning.

User Info: Yombiee

2 years ago#277
This can go one of two ways.

1. We remain the vocal minority because we lambast her strawman (promiscuity) causing us to vilify ourselves.

2. We focus on the focal point of this event (quid-pro-quo), and oust the corruption that is videogame journalism.

Want to know why these aforementioned websites write such ridiculous articles about the paradigm of the videogame industry?
(including: sexism, trolls, food, and every other non-video game issue you can imagine.)

Well, with the plethora of video sharing sites, live dev streams, and message boards to spread reviews, opinions, etc... we no longer need "professional" video game reviewers, thus why they now provide everything but.

User Info: geekneck99

2 years ago#278
_GRIM_FANDANGO_ posted...
Don't they know that people just want to see things burn. If you stand in the fire, cursing and arms flailing, it just makes for an even better show.

Indeed it does. Now where did I put that popcorn?
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User Info: Yombiee

2 years ago#279
I think we need more vocal female devs to talk about this.

How the promiscuity comes into play.

Imagine being a 28 year old lass who spent the last 7 years learning programing languages and busting your ass to produce a videogame which you truly stood behind, spending most of your waking moments trying to garner publicity and positive receptions about your product....

...only to see another woman get the same end results (or better).. in faster time, for a product that was in all regards, objectively inferior in every single way... just because she spread her legs to anyone willing to give her a favorable review, or a mention in an article.

How this comes across is:

No matter the quality of your game, all it takes to get your product to the mainstage and garner favorable reviews is to spread your legs.

This is a major step back for women.

User Info: Tucker_BA

2 years ago#280
Though I am not a fan of Total Biscuit, he's decided to weigh in on all this.
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