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What's your opinion on video game piracy?

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User Info: xXVongolaReborn

3 years ago#71
It's bad, but I honestly don't care.

If someone pirates I'm not going to act condescending towards them. It's whatever.
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User Info: maslada

3 years ago#72
Do what you want cos a Pirate is free, you are a pirate!

I used to Pirate nearly all my games but now I have a very sizeable steam collection. Steam/Apple was right, piracy is a service problem. The fact is it is now more convenient for me to buy a cheap game on Steam than to pirate.

Since there are so many cheap games that even if I want to play a new expensive game I won't pirate it, I'll just play the cheap games and wait for the new game to go on sale.

I don't know how many other people are reformed pirates like me thanks to the service problem being solved, I won't presume to speak for others but I doubt I'm alone. But whatever, I don't care if other people pirate, do what you want, more power to you.
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User Info: jake-sf

3 years ago#73
clowning posted...
I consider piracy to be immoral. It is a matter of ownership rights. Furthermore, if I want rights over what I create, then I cannot demand that others surrender theirs out of convenience for my moral depravity.

I consider the concept of piracy being considered evil immoral.

It all goes hand in hand with some of hte most archaic and stupid things.

I just pass my CD to a friend and technically I'm as illegal as I would ever be from downloading it.

The laws are completely stupid and suddenly target the people and call them wrong because it makes them "lose potential money".

That is not how the world should ever work. The world SHOULD NEVER shape itself around people that CAN make more money off of something.

Nobody is stealing anything. Its the modern age and nobody can adapt. They just over-protect their pockets and use copyright to protect their finances.

If they could, they would force ID check everyone playing a console in the room and burn people alive if they haven't paid for a game they're currently playing without paying.

Its sad how few can see the plot behind this. Immoral my ass. Everyone with a brain knows that the corporation and the concept of copyright is beyond immoral and has ridiculous reach.

**** progress and **** freedom. You spit on both of those things by blaming piracy. And do note that by piracy, I only mean "downloading a game". Profiting from any work made by others and-or claiming it as your own, is obviously where the immoral line stands. Thats the original, expected purpose of copyright.

But guess what. As human being, you have no rights whatsoever to deny people to download bytes of information, to hear specific songs, or to see certain images. None, ******* whatsoever. Where the **** will we let the world go if we can accept such ludicrous concepts?
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