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Advice on a build

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User Info: ElementalWind

3 years ago#1
This looks like a good time to take advantage of some sales. I have not yet chosen a case (open to recommendations).
"debates are contests of rhetoric, not argumentative rigor." -DragooneerZero

User Info: Lord_Vader

3 years ago#2
Looks fine to me. I have the i7-3770 and it works like a charm so what you're planning to get is most likely sufficient.

The only thing I would suggest is that you get an SSD for your hard drive since they're becoming cheaper by the day. I saw a 1 TB SSD on sale for $350 a few weeks ago so you can get good deals for them if you wait for sales. If you don't wanna break the bank you could always get a smaller SSD (like 250 GB) and then just get a regular external HD if you need more space.

As for a case, I highly recommend the Corsair Air 540:

I recently bought it and it's simply delightful to work in it because of all the space you have. No more frustrating cable management. Also, it provides more than enough cooling for your system.
Live long and prosper.
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