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I want to buy a new pc here soon but...

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User Info: godplaysSNES

3 years ago#11
BlindtoDream posted...
Is the CPU the only upgrade I would need to have a really solid pc that will last a good while? (Around 3 years maybe?)

That i5 is a great CPU, but the more cores/threads games begin to use, the better an i7 will age.
The GPU will probably become the limitation earlier than that i5 however, but it's easy to upgrade the GPU.

But the thing with upgrading the CPU is that you normally don't do it often. Upgrading to the latest CPU requires a new motherboard as well, possibly even DDR4.
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User Info: SonyHoundDawg

3 years ago#12
TC assuming your an average slob gamer you basically want to build a nice PC. Then 2-3 years from now when its getting a bit slow, you do the video card upgrade and maybe ram if the ram standard as changed. Then you go another 2-3 years, maybe even a couple more and then time for new PC again.

The cpu's out now are excellent will easily last you the life of your PC as long as start off with a decent one.

User Info: BlindtoDream

3 years ago#13
Okay, if what I am gathering from this is correct, if I want the PC to really last I should go for a better going and maybe get the i7 just for the sake of having something that will indoubtedly last.

If that's the case, which gpu should I get instead?

Also what is the OS I should get? I am assuming 8 is the new go-to OS, but I have no idea for sure. It's just an assumption.

Let's assume my budget is even higher. What is a PC build that would really last, perform great and stay cool/safe?
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