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Sometimes my graphics are messed up when I turn on my PC

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User Info: B18Champ

3 years ago#1
I have a PC that is only 3 months old and I just got a new video card. However, sometimes when I turn on my PC the graphics are all screwed up. If you go to the link I posted and look at the second picture, that's exactly what my screen looks like. I am a little concerned because this is a new PC and shouldn't have this problem.
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User Info: Psythik

3 years ago#2
Reinstall drivers and if that doesn't work, RMA.
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User Info: NhumanCondition

3 years ago#3
Once upon a time having the exact same symptoms on my 4870x2... I'll confirm for you it's the fault of the video card, It looks like that for a few months at random, then it goes completely unusable at some point. I couldn't get any so called "fixes" to work in my case, and just replaced it (with Nvidia)... never had another problem.

User Info: Voxwik

3 years ago#4
Yes exactly I even made posts like this when it started happening to me. Ahaha go figure I still have them online:
It started like...

Then eventually it would also get like....

Going in and out of full screen would clear it for me in that game (Everquest).

Finally it started getting like...

...and then the 3d graphics just outright stopped working without crashing the computer.

Oh and I spent like $400,$500 on the stupid thing (PNY nVidia 6800 Ultra) and PNY didn't honor the warranty despite it being within the allowed time frame since "they didn't make that model anymore." Never again will I spend that much on a card (or trust PNY for that matter, despite others saying they have gotten good service from them).
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