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PC Build Thread

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User Info: Th1rte3n

3 years ago#11
rainedown posted...
Ya ever get that Thief Benchmark done, Cloud? And not to jump into the chorus, but it does apply to more people if you can figure out a way to bench those at 1080, even if it's just on someone else's monitor or TV, easier to compare to other builds.

Also, now I'm wondering if I should cut the 8gb to 4gb in my own cheap build, it's not really necessary to put 8 in, I think I just do that by default now lol.

I have not gotten to my bro place yet to test the computer. Will likely do it in a day or two.
i7-920 @ 3.6 // 770 GTX // 12 GB G.Skill Sniper Ram // PS3 // 360
FiiO e9+17 // AD700 + M50 // Deck Legend + 82 // DAS Ultimate S

User Info: chobit_A5HL3Y

3 years ago#12
PSN: chobit_A5HL3Y
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