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Why don't PC gamers want more remastered games but console gamers do?

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  3. Why don't PC gamers want more remastered games but console gamers do?

User Info: Omnipotent_Cow

3 years ago#21
"Remastering" used to come free in the form of mods.

User Info: Wygun

3 years ago#22
Because the companies that made the good old pc games are now dead/owned by EA.

User Info: Aegis_Runestone

3 years ago#23
Boge posted...
From my point of view, there aren't really many older PC games that aren't enjoyable anymore. For some reason many older console games feel dated moreso than older PC games. They become intolerable where the older PC games are still good to play. It's probably due to the higher resolution of PC games as well as mouse and keyboard controls. would like to have a word with you about "not many older PC games that aren't enjoyable anymore" <- feel free to use, do not steal.

User Info: akuma634

3 years ago#24
SinisterSlay posted...
What's a remastered game?
A game with a higher default resolution?

In some cases, but there are some games where they pretty much remake the game from the ground up, or at least do a couple years or work to make it HD. It's not as simple as using an emulator to upscale a game to 1080p. Sony has some first class HD remakes, Ratchet & Clank, Jak, Sly Cooper, and God Of War.

It's not always perfect, you do get stuff like Silent Hill 2&3 where they butchered the games, removed most of the fog, introduced tons of new glitches, and overall the modded PC version looks way better. You do see the same thing with blu-ray movies, in a good case you get a movie like Alien or Blade Runner where it looks new again or you get ones where they do a half assed job and everyone's skin looks like plastic such as Robocop and Predator.

As far as modding old games goes, not every game has modding tools or was intended to be modded. You also do have older games like from the DOS era or earlier versions of Windows that are very hard to run on a modern machine, GOG has made those a lot easier to run, but there's nothing much you can do with the graphics on most of them, they're set to very low resolutions and most that have a 2nd option are up to like 800x600. It's a case where if somebody did a HD re-release, they would need to start over from scratch, such as the Leisure Suit Larry 1 HD remake where it's all new and they put in full voice acting, reworked some of the puzzles, and added in some new content. You can't simply take the VGA remake and upscale that into 4k.
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User Info: TrueGB

3 years ago#25
I was always under the impression the modding community takes care of all the "remastering" stuff. New content, improved graphics, bug fixes, etc.
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User Info: Chosen_one_41

3 years ago#26
Backwards compatibility.

You can play all your old PC games on newer PCs but for consoles you have to own the old console that the game was originally on unless it has been ported up in some form.
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User Info: Polypherus

3 years ago#27
Because PC already HAS the defenitive version, consoles dont.

User Info: Polypherus

3 years ago#28
Because PC already HAS the definitive version, consoles don't.

User Info: WhyitEarp

3 years ago#29
This remastered thing is getting OLD, fast!

User Info: BlackWizardMagus

3 years ago#30
I'm predominately a console gamer, and I still don't want them. Why would I? It's one thing to argue that graphics matter when buying a 60 dollar game, but to argue that only graphics matter to the point that it warrants a new, 60 dollar purchase of the same game just to look prettier? The only game I seriously want a remaster of is FF7, because the blocky lego people are so hideous it's distracting. Every other game, I really don't care what the graphics style is, they look fine. I know remastering sometimes does other things, like fix problems or whatever, and that's great, but on PC, that can be done with mods anyway (hell, when it comes to stuff like Dragon Age: Origins, the devs aren't even interested in fixing glaring and easily solved glitches that the modders took care of a week after release, so why would I trust them to care?). And then look at what they did to Wild Arms with Alter Code F; dramatically alter the original game on the foundation of the much worse Wild Arms 3. Chances are, if they do change the game while remastering, they'll probably mess it up, and replace all the guns with walkie-talkies.
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