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Over 30 minutes of Witcher 3 gameplay

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User Info: myztikrice

2 years ago#31
Bellum_Sacrum posted...
Generic as hell.

The casuals that like Skyrim might be interested in this.

Damn, we got a badass over here.
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User Info: heeeee1eeeee

2 years ago#32
CommunismFTW posted...
Saga3 posted...
Combat still looks atrocious.
Who needs a SigNaTuRe!

User Info: joeman6

2 years ago#33
Ningishzida posted...
LaManoNeraII posted...
Ningishzida posted...
LaManoNeraII posted...

-The map is huge
-NPCs have day/night schedules
-Combat is updated:
Signs have multiple uses, can be spread wide or narrow cones
Signs interact with environment (Igni can ignite gas clouds)
Looks like the heavy attack might have a charge up now
Crossbows are in
-Geralt isn't afraid to get his hair wet anymore, full underwater swimming

Am I supposed to be impressed?

-yes, because no game has ever had a huge map
-NPCs had day-night shedules in Oblivion, too. It was called Radiant AI, and it sucked ass
-Signs can have wide and narrow cones, wow. Signs can interact with environment, wow. This is basic stuff gamers expect.
-wow, a charge up. never seen that before...
-Crossbows were already in Gothic 1/2, I guess CDPR are trying to catch up with 10+ year old games.
-Decapitation was in the first two Witcher games, big deal
-wow, swimming. Morrowind and Gothic had that 10 years ago...

Take a Xanax

Wait, so I'm not the one quoting brain-dead PR nonsense and I'm not the one who "can't wait" for this Skyrim clone that eschews the main strength of the first two Witchers, but I'm the one who needs to pop a pill? My apologies, I guess that makes sense in the fairy tale world in which the CDPR fanbabies dwell...

You sir are dumb. Sure all of those things were done in separate games but were they ever done to the high quality of the Witcher and in one game? No? Well now they have.
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User Info: Reverend_Wilson

2 years ago#34
Combat and atmosphere still looks awesome. Could be GOTY 2015. Can't wait. :D
Q Boned

User Info: Ningishzida

2 years ago#35
I'm dumb says the guy with PSN and Xbox "identities".

User Info: OreoBoy206

2 years ago#36
Looks good to me.. Not sure why people are pointing out things that have been done in past games as if that's some type of negative aspect.. You can pretty much make a list like that for any high profile game made in the past 5 years or so..

Like someone said before, a lot of this stuff has never been done in a Witcher game before so that's why people are excited for it.. If games are supposed to be unimpressive because they have similar features from past games then nearly every game should be unimpressive.

User Info: KingKobo

2 years ago#37
Ningishzida posted...
Wait, so I'm not the one quoting brain-dead PR nonsense and I'm not the one who "can't wait" for this Skyrim clone that eschews the main strength of the first two Witchers.

By "main strengths" do you mean being limited to only one town and one combat area per chapter and having to tediously backtrack across them to complete fetch quests? Or perhaps rolling around continuously like some circus acrobat in combat?

Nothing about what made the previous games good has shown to be stripped out in any of the game footage. They're removed a lot of the annoying and tedious aspects about TW1 and 2.

User Info: TwyliteSprinkle

2 years ago#38

User Info: TheCommunator

2 years ago#39
I always like listening to Geralt's crappy Batman impression

User Info: HighOnPhazon

2 years ago#40
LaManoNeraII posted...
Signs interact with environment (Igni can ignite gas clouds)

Oh snap they're ripping off Original Sin!

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