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Am I the only one not trusting laptop much?

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User Info: thehypocrite666

3 years ago#21
Go for Dell or MSI...
Games Advisor -

User Info: Bellum_Sacrum

3 years ago#22
Orestes417 posted...
Bellum_Sacrum posted...
When it comes to laptops, only two things matter.

~ Whether the Left Ctrl key is in the right place.
~ How good their technical support is, in your country.

Forgot battery life, weight and battery life.

Nope. These are just arbitrary numbers whose meaning vastly depends on the personal circumstances of each user. They're like game review scores.
"Now go ahead and leap ignorantly to the defense of wealthy game companies who don't know or care about you."

User Info: rpgian

3 years ago#23
When you pay a lot for something you convince yourself its the best thing in the world. Apple brand or a purse that costs $1000 is so totally worth it. When you wear a genuine rolex sold by someone with a british accent in a store you got scooted out of hurriedly vs a $10 timex you can hear the value in every tic and you just know you got your monies worth because wasting it would mean negative things about you and everything you do is right. Isn't it.

This brand craps all comfort. Performance counts, and you'll pay out of the rear for perceived value with nothing more gained.

Cults are cozy though so live on credit and hope for an early heart attack.

User Info: TwyliteSprinkle

3 years ago#24
why would you trust a laptop?

User Info: tarnishedash

3 years ago#25
I've fixed macbooks a fair amount of times. Its all about failure rates, every company has them, you either get lucky and have one with no issues, or get one with an issue dealing with one of the parts over the life time of the laptop. One of the key things to look at when it comes to electronics that I think most people overlook, would be failure rates. Usually a heavy factor when I buy something.
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  3. Am I the only one not trusting laptop much?

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