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Anyone still buy Physical copies of PC games?

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User Info: gunner967

2 years ago#81
If it's cheaper and/or a collector's edition, yeah. Otherwise all download.
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User Info: dementedlullaby

2 years ago#82
Either for my collection (mostly older games) or if they're special editions. Blizzard is one of the only companies that still rolls out PC collector's editions and I do enjoy supporting them. The physical items are always pretty cool. Regret not buying Wings of Liberty CE.
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User Info: tarnishedash

2 years ago#83
Last one I bought was BF3, I would buy more, but my dvd drive broke. Planning on getting a new one to burn CDs though. Some cool PC only special editions come out for physical.

User Info: Bellum_Sacrum

2 years ago#84
Well it's not as if there is any other way to actually buy a copy of the game. Unless you're using GOG.
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User Info: Concession

2 years ago#85
Usually no, but I do have witcher 3 pc preordered at bestbuy. That's mostly because it's on a preorder sale (20% off regular price), I know cd p is going to give me a real physical copy with no drm bull, and it is very likely they'll give me a free gog copy with it.
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User Info: HighwayPilot

2 years ago#86
Yes, I only buy physical games. A download-only game is like not owning the game to me. I completely ignore them even though I own them.

User Info: BattleStarX

2 years ago#87
Che, no, it's almost strictly digital for me these days, but that's because pretty much the only source I have for games in-town is Walmart. And as we should all probably know, their PC Game Selection is... well... horrible. The cheepo console game shelves are much bigger than the PC game shelf.
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User Info: Xeeh_Bitz

2 years ago#88
Jedi still a console peasant due to the fact he even made this topic. PC Master Race has not purchased physical copies in a decade.
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User Info: Bane766

2 years ago#89
Last physical PC game I bought was FF14:ARR...and I regret that because it stopped me playing after Early Access was over, for a week, while I waited for the damn physical copy to arrive.

I'm not a huge fan of dld'ing games as my ISP is slow as hell, but it's still better than having to wait on the mail.
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User Info: Goldninja

2 years ago#90
Depends on the game. I prefer box copies overall, but then there's steam... so, yeah.
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