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PC gamers, do you also play on console?

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User Info: arleas

3 years ago#11
Jedi454 posted...
You love the Dual Shock? that would be a world's first.

Not really... the dual shock was one of the first truly comfortable controllers for me.
I started with the old Atari 2600 joysticks which were as uncomfortable as you can get...
tried intellivision's horrible disc / pad controller. That one hurt your fingers to use after a while.
The Atari 5200's analog stick was weird to get used to but I got used to it but it was crap and wore out easily.
The NES was a little too square but otherwise it wasn't bad.
The Genesis controller was nicer but still felt "off"

After that the next controller I tried was the original PS1 controller which was a bit small, and I hated the D-Pad. Also no analog sticks so that sucked. The X O Tri, Square button layout was perfect.

Then the dual shock was bigger, had analog sticks, the same crappy D-Pad but I learned to live with it... Everything else was pretty damn comfortable.

OH and I forgot i tried the N-64 controller once (I never owned one but played it at a friend's house) and ugh... how could anyone love that? OR the Gamecube controller that came after it. Bleh.... It's no surprise that after those abominations Nintendo just said "f*** it... let them wave sticks at the screen for all I care".

I didn't like the original Xbox controller, but I got used to the 360 controller... I don't like the offset analog sticks though and I never have. Also I'm still not a fan of the D-Pad but at least it's not split up into 4 separate buttons.

Most of the time though Controller feel like they're in between me and the game... rarely will I be able to just forget that I'm using a controller and be absorbed in the game.

User Info: Clashtonn

3 years ago#12
I've played on PC and consoles most of my life. But last gen, my PS3, Wii and 360 were almost never used. Each of them were used at 100 hours at the most. So this gen I'm not really planning on bothering with consoles. Most of the games I'm interested in are PC exclusive, and the rest are multiplatform. There might be one or two console exclusives I'm interested in, but unless things slow down on PC I wouldn't get to those games anyway.

There's been way too many good games in the last couple of years to keep up as it is, why would I need a new platform? Just to build a bigger backlog? I can't keep up with just PC.
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User Info: Raikouen

3 years ago#13
Jedi454 posted...
Raikouen posted...
Jedi454 posted...
You love the Dual Shock? that would be a world's first.

A lot of people are very fond of it.

I personally love the fact that no game (aside from RTS, of course) feels gimped when playing on the dual shock controllers as reaching every part is easy and comfortable, and each part of the controller is responsive enough to do the job well. Xbox controllers do not offer this IMO.

You don't own an Xbox console, so I can't take your opinion seriously. In my opinion, the DS3 is a terrible controller, a revamped version of the outdated late 90's Dualshock, my hands have grown over time and the controller is extremely awkward to use. If I could play PS3 games without third party software on an Xbox 360 controller, i'd do that in a heartbeat.

I had an Xbox 360 before a PS3, but when it broke, I held off on a new one until 2012 when my friends played on it for MW3. Owned it until Titanfall's launch, which I got the X1 then, but when I realized that owning both of the two bigger consoles was a waste, I chose the PS4 and sold the Xbox One.

This is the gamertag I made during my BOps2 play, and you can see that I played little of Xbox One before selling it.
PS3/PS4/PC gamer
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User Info: Raikouen

3 years ago#14
Bump for democracy
PS3/PS4/PC gamer
*insert random PC stats nobody will ever read or care about*

User Info: ArkonBlade

3 years ago#15
I have a few of the older ones. Not really rushed to go and buy the new ones right now.
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User Info: kblaze13

3 years ago#16
While I typically play on PC's given a choice. sometimes a game catches my eye enough that I want to play it and can't play it on PC because it's exclusive to a console, so funds providing I'll end up getting that console to play that game.
Iightningz posted...
I hate Lightning.

User Info: maybecalls

3 years ago#17
The only consoles I have now are a PSone (in storage) with a few retro. game compilations, and a 1980 Grandstand up in the loft. Not even sure if the Grandstand still works.

User Info: wizardmon

3 years ago#18
I play PS3 Jrpg games that aren't out for the PC, I also play some Android games on my Shield console/tablet.
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User Info: Bellum_Sacrum

3 years ago#19
DC07301981 posted...
I find more value with a mobile phone than consoles. I need the functionality of a mobile phone and programs like word processing, web browsing, and the ability to make phone calls. Playing games on a mobile phone is just a bonus. You can't do that with a Playstation or Xbox. A console is like a toy, IMO.


Now the desperation is more apparent.

Just say you're poor or don't have free reign over your living room dude, it's less embarassing that way.
"Now go ahead and leap ignorantly to the defense of wealthy game companies who don't know or care about you."

User Info: Bane766

3 years ago#20
PC and previous gens (PS3/360 and back).

I will prob eventually get a PS4 (if it ever gets any JRPGs)...but not for awhile.

I won't touch a X1 or WiiU.

Oh and for the record I liked the dualshock as well. I liked the 360 controller as well. Either was fine to me, and neither were better, IMO. Didn't like Wii's control scheme thing, the Move, or the Kinect at all tho.
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