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So for whatever reason my internet speed from AT&T went from 6mbps to800kbps

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User Info: Tommy2GoGo

3 years ago#1
A little update and a quick recap
I started experiencing problems with my ATT U-verse after I asked to get a discount, because why not?.
They decided to lower my payments at no cost.

Suddenly! I start to get disconnected and my internet becomes REALLY unstable. Losing connection a lot, unable to really do anything etc.
I call them up and IMMIDIATELY they asked if I wanted a repair man to go do the job.
I decided against it and ended up trying to replace ALL my data cables / phone lines etc.
Still had the same problem

I call them up just a few days ago and had a guy check out my connection / phone line just the other day.
What I found hilarious was as soon as he entered my apartment. Without even looking at the phone lines or the U-Verse box he says "Looks like you'll be needing a NEW phone line installation. Imma have to charge you $149 for that."

I was surprised and quickly told him that I got the phone line replaced by AT&T just about a year ago. So how come I need one?
After that, he decided to ACTUALLY check the phone line.

He keeps asking questions as to if I'm SURE the phone line was just installed by AT&T or someone else?
He ended up replacing a few things outside the apartment and inside.
Before leaving, he was going to leave a U-Verse box behind. I asked him Why? And he claims that he was giving it to me. The funny thing is while talking to customer support the day before. I was told that if the repair man leaves ANY u-verse box I will be charged $100. So I chose against it and told him I already own a spare one.

After he left and managed to move things around that I had to move. I noticed my internet speeds had change.

Holy crap!!! I assumed since they just installed a 'new' connection I had to wait a few hours for it to set properly.

didn't happen. The connection KEPT dying and my speed was slow. I talked to customer service again and they decided that the previous guy messed something up and I need ANOTHER tech here. So now a new guy is suppose to fix the problem sometime later today. All they could do was give me a $3 credit for the problem.

The weird part that still baffles me is that at night, after Midnight. My internet speed becomes stable. Mind you I have my internet password protected with a rather long numerical password. So an outside source using it is out of the question. It's just that I have SO many problems throughout the day that I can't even access the internet. But after midnight? Everything is fine and dandy. It makes me wonder if AT&T is doing anything to my internet to cause it to slow down or lose the connection or whatever.

Either way, internet speeds of 800kbps have made it difficult to play games or download / load anything. Later today when the guy arrives, I'll have to stay alert considering he may try and swindle me out of cash like the other guy was trying to. I'm paying for 6mbps ELITE yet I'm getting speeds that are way below that. What the hell? Honestly, I've NEVER had a problem with their serviced up until recently when I asked them for a discount. Might just be all a coincidence. Still looks fishy to me.

Tldr; Asked for discount, internet begins to act up. Repair man tries to find ways to nickel and dime me. Doesn't end up repairing. Internet still crashes and I'm unable to connect. Only during day, not after midnight Now internet speed went from 6mbps to 800 kbps. Wondering if AT&T is trying to screw me over

User Info: Eclypse9810

3 years ago#2
You should post this on reddit. A few times posts about bad experiences with companies like Comcast get up to the front page, at which point corporate will be swarming you with phone calls apologizing and trying to fix the problem for you.

Unfortunately, all these companies care for is publicity.
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User Info: Tommy2GoGo

3 years ago#3
I might consider it depending on how it goes later today.

User Info: Lonestar2000

3 years ago#4
Good luck, AT&T is absolute garbage.
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User Info: SilentHawk29

3 years ago#5
FYI, your speed has nothing to do with gaming. That's more on your ping.
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User Info: DarkZV2Beta

3 years ago#6
Depends on the game. Some games require loading a lot of player/world information over the network, and a low connection speed can definitely hurt that.
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User Info: SilentHawk29

3 years ago#7
Well, yeah. Online only games could be an issue.
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User Info: Mad_Mike86

3 years ago#8
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