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Destiny coming to Steam PC March 2015

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User Info: Rosencroitz

2 years ago#21
Nex-Gen63759 posted...
Played the beta; game is incredibly overrated.
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User Info: LikeGoodMorning

2 years ago#22
Cade6669 posted...
It was good but not great, Its definitely not $400 good. I'm feeling kind of stupid right now.

You bought the ps4 just to play an fps which are 100 times better on pc??

User Info: ZeroRaider

2 years ago#23
But seriously I would not recommend playing the PS4 version. I have a PS4 and played the beta for a while and I was just disappointed. It is absolutely worth waiting a few months. The game isn't compelling enough that you have to play it day one. Go look at your massive Steam back catalog and play through it. I guarantee you you've got tons of games that are better than this game you can play.

Several serious problems that will drive PC gamers up the wall;

1) The most serious is the field of view. It is HORRID. I felt like I was looking through a pipe the entire time because I could see so little on the screen at once. Imagine playing a first person shooter on the PC and zooming in with a rifle... and having to play the whole game with your rifle zoomed in the entire time. That's what Destiny's field of view is like.

2) The framerate is of course quite poor. 30 FPS doesn't cut it especially for a first person shooter. You can kind of get used to it after a while but never does the game stop feeling slow paced because of it.

3) It has a really annoying chromatic aberration effect that you cannot disable.

4) Speaking of effects you can't disable: motion blur. Yep, it's there. And it is probably my third biggest complaint about the game's visuals after the field of view and the framerate.

5) Load times between planets is pretty long. This game could use a SSD installation.

6) Depth of field seems to be present but thankfully it's not obnoxiously overdone. I'd still prefer if I could disable it but you can live with it unlike the worst offenders of FoV, motion blur and framerate.

If the PS4 version is this terrible I can't imagine how ass the Xbone version must be. The only positive things I have to say about it otherwise is that the draw distance is solid and it runs at native 1080p.

These new consoles really do suck.

All of these problems should be able to be corrected with the PC version; not to mention you won't have Sony and Microsoft scamming you out of $60 a year to play it online on their locked down proprietary computers.

User Info: wizardmon

2 years ago#24
Cade6669 posted...
If this is true, than I bought a PS4 for nothing. This sucks because I bought a PS4 two weeks ago,I knew I should of waited.

I was in the same boat as you for MGS5, sold that PS4 ASAP when I seen that was coming to PC.

This console generation is a joke, why did I even waste my money on that doorstop lol.
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User Info: ZeroRaider

2 years ago#25
Buying a console for third party exclusives this generation is the dumbest thing you can do.

Everyone should know by now that holding a game hostage to consoles is a money losing endeavor for any third party unless they receive a significant money hat from Microsoft and Sony. Not even the Japanese are dumb enough to keep their software held hostage to consoles anymore. It was obvious stuff like Destiny and MGSV was a timed exclusive because it was being released on both consoles. Anything coming to both consoles will obviously come to the PC later down the line too.

There will be zero exclusives from now on unless it's being developed by Sony/Microsoft/Nintendo themselves or they deliver truckloads of cash to a third party to make it exclusive to their platform.

User Info: randy_123r

2 years ago#26
Weird, I loved the game.
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User Info: MrMonkhouse

2 years ago#27
Good, because I hate playing FPS games on a console.

User Info: Th1rte3n

2 years ago#28
Where are all those people going LOL PC IS NEVER GETTING DESTINY PC SUXXXX.
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User Info: Logical_One

2 years ago#29
Cade6669 posted...
RapierLord posted...
Cade6669 posted...
If this is true, than I bought a PS4 for nothing. This sucks because I bought a PS4 two weeks ago, I knew I should of waited.

At least you have The Last of Us, I enjoyed it.

It was good but not great, Its definitely not $400 good. I'm feeling kind of stupid right now.

...assuming you truly have a high-end rig (that certainly cost a pretty penny)--$400 is the amount that makes you feel stupid?

Either way, you'll get to play plenty of good exclusives over the course of the console's lifespan. As an aside--I'm fairly certain that the online population for Destiny on PC will be tiny. Remember Titanfall? Yeah...

Also, please don't feed me some BS about feeling stupid because you own a $100 budget PC that does 4000 FPS in Crysis 3 on max settings @ 1440p like a lot of the other BS PC gamers (that try to downplay the cost of quality).

*NOTE: I'm not saying that you would try to BS but so many "PC Gamers" have been claiming that their $400 rigs max insanely demanding games at high resolutions lately to prove that DIY rigs are cheaper than consoles.

User Info: XtraT

2 years ago#30
feel bad for people who paid 400 bucks for a 5 years old PC
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