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Destiny coming to Steam PC March 2015

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User Info: ChromaticAngel

2 years ago#41
it makes sense considering Activision releases most of their games on PC, not to mention there is no Activision, only Activision Blizzard where PC gamers make up an enormously substantial amount of their paying customers. They understand the importance of PC more than turd developers like Rockstar.
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User Info: DarkZV2Beta

2 years ago#42
And I will continue to give all of 0 ****s about it.
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User Info: ThePonyCollie

2 years ago#43
supermegablox posted...
snkboi posted...
halo master chief collection was rumored for 2015 for pc, but ms says it's not coming out this year, which is true

destiny will be march 2015 for steam..the 2 next big console exclusive games that will get announced for pc will be final fantasy 15, kingdom hearts 3, and quantum break


no. i seriously doubt kh3 will come to the pc

Yup. They'll release HD 1.5 and 2.5 before it.
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User Info: warior55

2 years ago#44
Nex-Gen63759 posted...
Played the beta; game is incredibly overrated.

User Info: hyjinx17

2 years ago#45
Hope this is true. Can't stand FPS with a pad
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User Info: shadowkratos774

2 years ago#46
snkboi posted...
"PC Port Make Lot of Sense"

Did the Hulk get a job at Activision
...but in time, they will join you in the sun.
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User Info: Elkiador

2 years ago#47
Who cares

User Info: rusty12000

2 years ago#48
Everything EA contributed to gamers around the world in one youtube clip

User Info: kobalobasileus

2 years ago#49
Anyone who didn't see this coming needs to get their eyes checked.

User Info: AirTease

2 years ago#50
See now these comments here are the reason console gamers call us all elitist asswipes.
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