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CS:GO CDKey Giveaway

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User Info: calcycle

3 years ago#41
One time this guy gave me forced in exchange for a simple cleaning game. Joke's on him, his game cost more!

Hint: that's you
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User Info: Skunkdog1

3 years ago#42

my friend and i were playing battlefield 3, rush on kharg island
we were running down the beach to the next set of objectives
as were running, someone from the other team suddenly runs past me (my friend and i were a few feet away), and knifes him
after he starts freaking out and asking what just happened, i knife the guy while laughing my ass off and explain what just happened

while nothing special, it was hilarious to us

User Info: Th1rte3n

3 years ago#43
The winner is g7g7g7g7, please add me on Steam. I'll send you a PM with a link to my steam account.
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User Info: g7g7g7g7

3 years ago#44
woohoo! I won something!
"You know what's most annoying about hearing neighbors having sex?,
When it's too quiet*" - Umbongo

User Info: Lemur_H

3 years ago#45
Woooooo :D

User Info: FalxXD

3 years ago#46
I was modded once for saying please understand, when I challenged it the mod said please understand.

User Info: g7g7g7g7

3 years ago#47
I've been practicing CS with a controller for about an hour today and have come to the conclusion that it is impossible to be competitive, it's far to indirect an interface compared with a mouse. I feel like my character has a neck brace on because I cant swivel fast enough or peek to check my peripheries so I keep getting assassinated from a thousand new blindspots.

The only redeeming feature of using a controller is that it makes you have to play more tactically, I don't stand a chance in a straight up firefight, so have to snatch sneaky kills and use unorthodox cover and blind-spots then sneak out. It also forces you to commit to maneuvers, there is no room for backing down and dodging so you have no choice but to keep going even if you think you have made a mistake. I have surprised myself running around a corner seeing 2 guys instead of the one I expected and then breathing a sigh of relief when it turns out they are both reloading.

I don't think any level of training could compensate for using a controller in an environment where you were competing against a mouse for direct response.
"You know what's most annoying about hearing neighbors having sex?,
When it's too quiet*" - Umbongo
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