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What games are you guys looking forward to the most??

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  3. What games are you guys looking forward to the most??

User Info: MadMadMark

2 years ago#31
Some interesting games I see posted.

My choices

Naval Action ( Bet you've not heard of it)
Star Citizen
Far Cry 4
The Evil Within
Shadow Realms
Witcher 3
Elite ( maybe)

User Info: Nineteen99

2 years ago#32
Nothing because I'm a jaded cynic when it comes to games that haven't been released yet.
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User Info: Bane766

2 years ago#33
Witcher 3.

New space version of Sim City.

WoD expansion for WoW (I wasn't too much before, but after that epic trailer, I'm pumped!).

Cyberpunk 2077...altho I'm still unsure how the game will play.

Wasteland 2-looking good so far.

Archeage. I'm tentatively looking forward to release of this, altho the crazy cost of Alpha/Beta access has me VERY concerned.

FF15-I hope a lot better than FF13 (altho overall I thought these were ok).

A tad bit excited for AC:U (huge fan of the French Revolution so playing in it sounds fantastic)...not sure about Rogue as I don't want to play as a templar.

Also the inevitable new TES and FO games :)
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User Info: DetectiveZ

2 years ago#34
MGS5 is at the top.
It was pure art when I was watching a gameplay video and he used a fulton'd a c4 truck to blow up a helicopter.

+ Horses pooping in real time.
(lol at the people complaining on how they think MGS5 is silly, when fulton was done in peace walker (Nearly nobody complained), and Johnny in the whole series.)

Persona 4 Arena Ultimax as well for adding Rise.
Maining her even if she's low tier.

Really hyped up for Zero Escape 3 though.
but knowing my luck Radial-6 will be already spread, and everyone will be dead.
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User Info: WyzeGye

2 years ago#35
GTA V is really the only game I see myself buying on day 1. - -
Wolves don't lose sleep over the opinions of sheep.
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  3. What games are you guys looking forward to the most??

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