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Help me decide either Benq GW2760HS or Samsung S27C750P.

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User Info: Kano92

3 years ago#1
I actually don't mind the height of the Samsung I need it to be about 6 inches high anyway, so if I get the Benq I have to put it on something to jack it up anyway. So either way it's does not matter. The only thing though the Samsung would seem to look more wobbly to me, I'm not sure though.

The Benq has the DVI connection which is a plus so I don't have to fiddle with HDMI with my Nvidia gpu.

Do both panels have the same matte coating is one more heavy then the other ?

I've read reviews on both monitors and the Samsung has slight edge when it comes to the AMA when set to Fastest over the Benq when it's set to Fastest setting also, Benq has more overshoot. But here's the thing though I wasn't going to use the fastest setting for either monitor anyway I was going to use the second fastest.

Also do both overclock nicely, I'm looking for a moderate overclock in 70- refresh range, still not even sure though I will overclock yet.

Some reviews/people basically say the pixel response isn't that great or not quite as good as the Samsung one. But, is it horrible ?

Benq says 4ms.. the AU panel inside is rated at 12ms. With overdrive (AMA) on high (not premium) it's something like 10 ms. How well would this work for games and emulators in the real world ? Some review say with 5-15gtg some say 5-7gtg depending.

Keep in mind my current monitor is not even a real monitor it's a 32'' Samsung HDTV. In my head i see the GW2760HS a little slower compared to a newer TN/IPS. But either the Benq or Samsung probably way faster then my current HDTV I'm using right now correct ?

Also one last thing the price, I can save about 75$ buying the Benq. I don't mind spend extra money but for me both monitors when it comes to responsives is pretty important. But coming from a HDTV it never bothered me and I never noticed any ghosting over the last 4 years of gaming on it.

Is this GTG thing overblown and I shouldn't worry so much about it, when it comes to either of these monitors ?
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  3. Help me decide either Benq GW2760HS or Samsung S27C750P.

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