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The i7 920 was such a good CPU. Mines still running strong

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User Info: Rud3Bwoy

3 years ago#11
i had the 940 before getting my imac which had haswell and that baby was still a fast rig before i sold it could of easily used that rig for another 2-3 years

User Info: mdolla651

3 years ago#12
I still have my 920, I bought it so I could futurerproof myself. It's still running strong!!

User Info: EdgeofDarkness

3 years ago#13
I do rather like that high end CPUs easily last 5+ years currently. I've got a 2600k which is almost going on four years and its likely the last thing in my rig that I'd replace within the next few years.

User Info: Garage_Man

3 years ago#14
ATARIJAWA posted...
Haley Joel Osment posted...
Considering the new consoles have laptop-grade CPUs inside them, I wouldn't expect games to get much more CPU-intensive any time soon. Maybe a few PC exclusives like Star Citizen will bring it to its knees.

Actually they use AMD Jaguar Temash low power tablet cpu's. They are a step below laptop cpu's.

We are going to see some wild advancements in AI this gen hahahahaha

I really hope we get some good PC games that show off the true power of say a 780/4770K.

User Info: Th1rte3n

3 years ago#15
I still have my 920 @ 3.6ghz. I've yet to run into a game it struggles with other than a few select MMOs.

GunmaN1905 posted...
I still have one, @3.6ghz currently.


This is why Intel = Best
i7-920 @ 3.6 // 770 GTX // 12GB G.Skill Ram //My Setup:
FiiO e9+17 // AD700 + M50 // Deck Legend + 82 // DAS Ultimate S // PS3/360

User Info: Shinkoden

3 years ago#16
I actually got the 950 but pretty much the same thing. Plan on getting an upgrade in maybe a year when I hit the 5 year mark from when I got it, but it's still running strong.
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  3. The i7 920 was such a good CPU. Mines still running strong

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