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Intel or AMD CPU?

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User Info: Hi C

Hi C
3 years ago#11
SILENTGHOSTS96 posted...
WHats the best gpu for $150?

Sapphire r9 270 was $149 for a long time but they jacked the price up $10 this week.

You can get a low brand reference 750ti for $150 but the 270 is 20-25% better and can be overclocked back to it's stock 270x speeds.

User Info: ebj767

3 years ago#12

Best cost performance ratio. Spend the money on an AMD CPU and Nvidia GPU, and you will come out down on performance.

Intel and Nvidia GPU is just more expensive, get an AMD equivalent of the Nvidia card you're gonna buy and put it towards a better intel CPU.

Nvidia cards are good but you are ALWAYS overpaying, you get can the same performance level or more for a less.
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