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Non-CD OS?

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User Info: BlueswordsX

2 years ago#1
I didn't purchase a media bay since increasingly people are finding CDs to be outdated and I have not used a CD in years. However, I was wondering how the OS itself is installed without CDs. Can you install them from USBs?

On a tangent, would games that aren't very compatible in Windows 7 work better in Windows 8, or even worse?
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User Info: Fade2black001

2 years ago#2
yes you can have USB bootable flash drive.

Well if the requirements doesn't say they support Windows 7 at least then it will be worse in Windows 8.
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User Info: PraetorXyn

2 years ago#3
For Windows 7 you can legally download an ISO for any version you want, then use a tool (Rufus is the best one since it supports automatic UEFI boot if I remember correctly) to make a bootable USB from that ISO.

If you have a program that allows you to edit ISO's, you can edit the ISO itself to remove ei.cfg or something like that, and when you use it, it will ask you which version of Windows you want to install, as the ISO's are all the same, they just have an ei.cfg file to tell it which version it is installing.

You can also edit the ISO to place the necessary directories in /boot/efi, then when you write it to USB it will install in either BIOS (MBR) or UEFI (GPT) mode.
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