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steam gift question

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User Info: imprezas

3 years ago#1
Hi a friend of mine has birthday today and I saw somewhere in steam that u can gift money or dlc to a steam friend can I do that to give him the dlc of dark souls?
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User Info: Z_hunter91

3 years ago#2
You can select wether to buy something for yourself or gift it to a friend during the purchasing process.
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User Info: arleas

3 years ago#3
If you want to give him steam wallet funds, you can go to a store and buy a steam wallet code and if you can see him directly, give him the card, and if you can't (like he lives in another state or something) you can give him the code to enter.

There is no other good way to give someone steam wallet funds. I mean, you could have him put up a card for sale on the market for $40 and buy it from him that way I think, but that would have valve take a substantial cut. Also they changed the market back in July so you may not be able to do that any more...
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