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SJW are begging to black out steam access for 1 hour.

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  3. SJW are begging to black out steam access for 1 hour.
(message deleted)

User Info: rockman202

2 years ago#242
Payne318 posted...
naked men

Payne318 posted...
AnonymousLoner posted...
Payne318 posted...
I am preatty sure if you want to see some girly parts in games you can easily find them in M rated games. Now ask your self this, why have we not seen many naked men in video games? Offensive, disgusting.....uh oh.....nah I wouldn't touch that subject with a 20ft pole ;)

So now you consider showing skin as showing "girly parts"? Wow, way to confirm the burka statement. And are you're implying that are naked men in video games, but just not enough to suit your taste? So it's not enough that some games appeal to you and others don't but now all games have to appeal to you?

Hmm, this sounds familiar; where have I seen this before? Oh yeah, here it is:

Payne318 posted...
...just want it your way, cause obviously that is how the world works in your mind

Your words, not mine.

I was reassuring the poster that nothing has been censored. As for my language well I was trying to be cute. An how am I implying about getting my way? All i said was you don't see dic**s in video games, but you do see plenty of female breasts (is that better for you). I was making an observation while being a smart ass. I guess I will just have to change my ways ;)

A more accurate comparison would be nude female breasts and nude male breasts. I will guarantee you that a hell of a lot more male chests are shown bare then female chests in video games.

Or you can go with male genitalia and female genitalia which would both be equally rare in video games, but I would still be willing to bet that more male genitalia is shown still.
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User Info: pwnater777

2 years ago#243
Maybe don't run an overly-feminist Twitter page and blame so many people for so many things, and then people would take you more seriously.
Kojima and Del Toro working on a new Silent Hill starring Norman Reedus... this means the world to me.
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User Info: Bossdog421

2 years ago#244
Can't just dump ice over their heads like the rest of the idiots on the internet?
Type into Google - do a barrel roll

User Info: VeiledGenesis

2 years ago#245
snesmaster40 posted...
VeiledGenesis posted...
What in the hell is this all about? Is it related to that Zoe Quinn chick?

It's not. It's about Anita and how someone made some "threats" against her and her family.

Not sure why SJW's think Steam users should be punished. It'll make the Russian gamers very mad though.

I have no idea who this Anita person is, just like I barely know who that Zoe chick is. If it wasn't for the flood of topics the other day, I still wouldn't know who the hell she is. So, another indie developer that thinks they are king/queen **** because they made a game all by their itty-bitty selves?
That is not dead which can eternal lie,
And with strange aeons even death may die.

User Info: Payne318

2 years ago#246
My orginal post was not about why I can't see naked men in games. There was an observational ? whether you HATE Anita or not, she has made SOME VALID points.......NOW does that mean she is right about everything, ABSOLUTELY NOT. In fact there is plenty to bring up for VALID ARGUMENT POINTS. However, my concern is this toxic gamer communtiy where everything must be done my way or no way at all. Now, you could say the "feminist" want the same thing, well of course they do. As soon as you tell them to shut thier faces or threaten their lifes, you are ONLY PROVING THEIR POINT. I am proud that apparently all my post got summed up to dicks and male breast and girl breasts. This is what happens when you have ignorant fools try to run a conversation off it's course, an guess it will happen again

An to Loner, you really need to check out what liberal means, you just use as a term to label people. You sir are the liberal, painting a huge brush and condemning for NOT AGREEING WITH YOU AND GETTING UR WAY
but whatever I am dick obsessed liberal, there quote of the week on Gamefaqs, please make fun of me, go off course instead of an adult conversation. what the hell am I saying, boobs for everyone \o/
"Art, in itself, is an attempt to bring order out of chaos"-Stephen Sondheim

User Info: cm2x

2 years ago#247
xD why people react like it will work ?

Can't wait Jim Sterling video on that subject ! ( he said he will wait that dust settle off ).

User Info: Payne318

2 years ago#248
cm2x posted...
xD why people react like it will work ?

Can't wait Jim Sterling video on that subject ! ( he said he will wait that dust settle off ).

I agree, Jim Sterling will wipe the floor with these ignorant yahoos.
"Art, in itself, is an attempt to bring order out of chaos"-Stephen Sondheim

User Info: Ness0123456789

2 years ago#249
..This pro-feminism and pro-racial diversity thing in games is getting WAY out of hand.

Just let the developers make whatever kind of game they want, stop trying to force them to ensure equal representation of women and racial diversity in their games.
Each person might see a rose with a different shade of red, but the fact that we can all agree on is beauty -- that is a miracle.
-Michea, FFXI

User Info: Odtt

2 years ago#250
It's funny that your comeback is "make your own game", Loner. No, I will not make my own game, because that is not what I want to pursue with my life. I'm studying Psychology and I do not plan to go into game design. Nevertheless, I am a consumer, and I have every right to be critical of the products I purchase (because that's what smart consumers get to do!). You also seem to not grasp what anyone who disagrees with you is saying, so I won't bother replying to your future posts.

As for the people that say that "gaming has been a predominantly male pastime", read current statistics, and if you don't count every girl that plays farmville and candy crush, then I won't count every college fratboy that exclusively plays Call of Duty and the yearly EA sports game. Sounds fair, right? You can't say that the level of female entitlement is too high, because if things were the other way around, MANY of you guys would be crying victim. But you're not, because many games already cater exclusively to you. Sorry, videogames is not an "only-boys" club. Grow up.
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  3. SJW are begging to black out steam access for 1 hour.

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