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SJW are begging to black out steam access for 1 hour.

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User Info: Judgmenl

3 years ago#361
I'm sorry but what the hell is a SJW?
Sounds like a blanket term for trolls.
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User Info: capefeather

3 years ago#362
"Social justice warrior" is supposed to refer to people who yell and scream about social justice issues while having very little actual, usable knowledge on how social justice works. For an analogy, the term "weeaboo" refers (in one of its uses) to people who praise Japanese versions of media over English versions all the time, yet have no actual knowledge of Japanese and tend to embarrass themselves when trying to talk about Japanese content in a remotely accurate manner. Many people unfortunately use the term SJW as a meaningless blanket term to demean ALL supporters of social justice. Analogously, there are people who call you a weeaboo even if you just happen to like anime.
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User Info: samuraigaiden

3 years ago#363

User Info: Aqua69696

3 years ago#364
Odtt posted...
Aqua69696 posted...
Elkiador posted...
I love how "diversity" in video games automatically defaults to playing as a character with different skin color or genitals and not different gameplay experiences. Really shows you where the priorities of the "social justice" people are. They don't want new and unique games, they just want CoD with a black lesbian in a wheelchair as the main character.

I just love how their idea of equality is "ask the big strong men to do what we want" rather than "Lets do it ourselves seeing as we're just as good as them". I love the irony.

Don't delude yourself. You're not a "big strong man", and not only women are the ones that are tackling the issues we've been discussing, but good job generalizing the subject in order to avoid arguing the points being made in this thread. I've said it before in a previous post of mine, but you, as a consumer, have every right to be critical of the games that you buy, because that is what consumers get to do.

You obviously can't recognise sarcasm buddy. I even put it in quotations to help. I'm saying that they ask other developers to change their games to suit their tastes rather than get into the business and actually change it. How is it empowering if the "oppressors" are the ones granting you the empowerment? And I'm not talking about all of them, hell I was up at my friends house the other day and he's doing Computer Sciences in College, I asked him about the situation, he said that there's still a lot more guys than women, but a higher percentage of women than in previous years. Those are the ones I respect, they're actually doing something about the issue. The ones who start a blog detailing why a game is sexist or petition game developers to change a game to suit their wants, those are the ones I laugh at.
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User Info: rockman202

3 years ago#365
I am sorry, but this thread needs to be updated. There is a massive ****storm on twitter right now, coming almost exclusively from the SJW, or if you prefer, the pro-Anita/Quinn crowd.

Look through that hashtag and see the people openly mocking people for asking for transparency in gaming journalism.

Seriously, how can ANYONE support these people? Here are a couple of the worst ones.

Quoted verbatum: "haha I have more respect for ISIS than the anti-Quinn people."
That one is by far one of the worst ones, why I am quoting it here. Also, just fyi, this is apparently a lead editor in gaming "journalism".

Also this one just for the ****ing hypocrisy. This one is a couple screen grabs.

There is a toxicity in the video games industry, and it isn't coming from the gamers.
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User Info: Judgmenl

3 years ago#366
So these are like wannabe feminists?
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User Info: snesmaster40

3 years ago#367
Judgmenl posted...
So these are like wannabe feminists?

I see them as bullies who don't use logic. They like to:
- harrass others
- encourage violence with death threats
- doxx people for further harrassment
- clueless since they say stuff they don't understand

Maybe more, but that's all I'm seeing these worthless SJW's do.
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User Info: Judgmenl

3 years ago#368
So they're a combination of feminists and trolls?

I'm sorry, I don't understand these kind of people, as my only social activity is GameFAQs, Reddit and work (where there are only engineers).

What are they trying to accomplish? This isn't healthy.
How do I even meet people like this? This is as childish as those guys who were DDoSing random stuff.
Maybe it's just kids these days. They should probably spend more time doing homework or something.
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User Info: kblaze13

3 years ago#369

read that it will explain much about what these people want and it's pretty good at saying what most gamers think too.
Iightningz posted...
I hate Lightning.

User Info: capefeather

3 years ago#370
It's all the same. The irrational loudmouths on every side are talking past each other, each painting the opposing "tribe" entirely with the same brush. It's silly to claim that this or that article is representative of "all gamers" (whatever that even means). But since we're linking stuff now:
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  3. SJW are begging to black out steam access for 1 hour.

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