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What was your catalyst for becoming a PC gamer?

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User Info: Gotrys

3 years ago#101
8th generation of consoles.

User Info: The Real Truth

The Real Truth
3 years ago#102
A bun h of things. Excessive DLC on consoles.Steam prices. The primary reason is probably because of the decline in quality of a Japanese games, Specifically the RPG.

Being requires ti buy a new console every 5 years was also something I didn't want to do anymore. These days almost every non-Nintendo exclusive is on the PC.
David Hayter
Seriously, Who in the hell is "Draven?" (Sounds like a draggy crow.)

User Info: The Real Truth

The Real Truth
3 years ago#103
typos, on my phone
David Hayter
Seriously, Who in the hell is "Draven?" (Sounds like a draggy crow.)


3 years ago#104
My father bought a Pc for him and him alone to use the internet.

But in the end, mum persuaded him to let me and my younger brother play games, but never the internet.

Games like Airline Tycoon, Warhammer Mark Of Chaos and Dark Omens, Jurassic Park Operation Genisis and Sims 1 cemented my love for The Pc and as they are fairly well off and spoil me mst birthday's and every Christmas, I have my own Pc, Wii, DS and 2 3DS in my flat and a laptop, Wii and N64 at their house.

Ah the joys of having fairly well off parents and a little brother who is now also well off, who, provided that, A, they can afford it and that B, I am not too greedy, do not mind spoiling me at least once or twice a year.


3 years ago#105
Sorry. Meant to say most not mst birthdays and WiiU not Wii in my flat.

Also. I saved up the money for my 2nd 3DS out of my own money, did the same with Pokemon Y and after saving up every spare penny for the last 3 months and after 3 big scratch card wins, I have enough saved up to get Hyrule Warriors on the 19th of this month and The Two Piokemon Remakes on the 28th of the 11th of this year

User Info: Le0nMagnis

3 years ago#106
I always liked strategy games, like warcraft and comand & conquer. 2 of my favourites since the 90s. And they have really, really bad gameplay on consoles. Bought them but couldn't play more than 10 minutes before being annoyed.

In reality both PC and consoles have their goods and bads, but what really addicted me to pc in the last years are the mods you can do to your games. Hell, mods make the games 10x better than they really are (and I'm just talking about graphics mods). I don't care for gameplay mods or something, I think they ruin the game most of the time. I want to experience the original game, just with better graphics when they are awful (read as ugly-face-SKYRIM).
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User Info: logansunny4

3 years ago#107
Well i played Rome total war and i was hooked on pc ever since

User Info: lazycomplife

3 years ago#108
Starcraft 1 and Starsiege Tribes
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User Info: EciDemon

3 years ago#109
I had the NES, Sega megadrive (and the addons) along side a C128 and Amiga 500.

I spent most of my time on the Amiga once I got that and made music with it using Pro Tracker.
When I found out there was Fast Tracker 2 on pc I made the move, that was back in 95/96 i think.
Being a gamer on both consoles and computers already it was just a natural move to continue to play games on the PC.

Only the last 6 or 7 years have I been more concerned about high end pc gaming.
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User Info: greywolf00

3 years ago#110
Great games & mods. Stuff like Betrayal at Krondor and the Baldur's Gate series were simply great. Also nice to be able to tweak things in a game to suit your liking. A lot of Bethesda's games are a millions times better with more content/bug fixes/tweaks.
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