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What was your catalyst for becoming a PC gamer?

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  3. What was your catalyst for becoming a PC gamer?

User Info: Rage_M

3 years ago#41
Primarily Steam sales since I don't have a lot of money to throw around anymore. :V
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User Info: Edavy89

3 years ago#42
-5xad0w- posted...
I was touched by God.

Playing games is all that takes my mind off it. :(

This reminds me of of the scientist dude from Thor. and made me chuckle XD

"I had a god in my brain, i wouldn't recommend it"

User Info: Saginaim

3 years ago#43
I've always been a PC gamer. Grew up on Maxis games and DOS stuff.

I've also always been a console gamer.

There was no catalyst -- when I was younger, I had an SNES, and the family had a PC with Windows 95. It's just what was available.

User Info: LOLIAmAnAlt

3 years ago#44
We didn't have a computer in the house until highschool (which was a family computer, with a upgraded geforce 3) and they always were that illusive thing that I never had.

So I built myself a gaming computer.

User Info: Blobs_

3 years ago#45
Like a lot of people, Minecraft.

Sue me :>
is haha

User Info: LaggingRed

3 years ago#46
Skyrim... for lewd reasons... also graphical.
(message deleted)

User Info: Rednikkums

3 years ago#48
The sense of superiority duh!

oh and being able to mods things....mostly that :D

User Info: zeppo_basic

3 years ago#49
Originally it was games like Warlords, Doom 2, and the first 2 Civilizations. As time went on I moved more towards console gaming, but just in the past year I have rediscovered the joys of PC gaming since I bought a new rig in February.

The biggest factors to me are the huge selection of games, especially cheap ones that are actually good, and a much wider selection of strategy games which over the years have become one of my favorite genres. Oh yea, and Counterstrike. Lots and lots of Counterstrike...

User Info: The_Count_Foo

3 years ago#50
I had just finished playing assassins creed on ps3 with my non-hd TV. Then I saw my brother playing it on his new custom PC with max graphics and 1080p. It corrupted me, so I scrimped and saved until I could afford my first build.
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  3. What was your catalyst for becoming a PC gamer?

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