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Need some help building a PC.

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User Info: greatone101

2 years ago#1
Right now i have a gaming laptop, Still runs great but my dad needs a new laptop so i am thinking about giving him mine and buying a gaming PC.

I am looking to spend less than 1500$ (Canadian) but i want something that can play the latest games on the highest settings for the next few years. I want something future proof and easily upgradable. Like in 4 years i dont have to upgrade the CPU and motherboard but just the video card something simple like that.

When i was building it, it ended up over 2k. Not sure if i went overboard or not.
I also want something that is very quiet and does not put out much heat.

any suggestions?

User Info: nicnac_390

2 years ago#2
Threw this together:

Better price/performance IMO, keeping in mind there's no PSU in your build. Spend the rest on a monitor.

You could save money by getting a cheaper case and buying the optical drive and fans later.

A wired connection is preferred but if not an option I'm sure a wifi adapter under 20$ is fine.
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