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First PC FPS you played

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User Info: Startech_Viper

2 years ago#41
I've been gaming for so long I don't even know... o_O
Bakin dem kookayz... o_O

User Info: DexterTheThird

2 years ago#42
Good Ol Wolfenstein 3D. My dad used to show it to me when I was little and it kind of scared me.
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User Info: Tourtus

2 years ago#43
The first Half Life.
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User Info: A_Vengeful_Pie

2 years ago#44
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User Info: MasterFenix95

2 years ago#45
Carnivores 2
Two wrongs don't make a right, but two negatives do make a positive.

User Info: MasterFenix95

2 years ago#46
Darthvoorhees13 posted...
I've played one before then, but I cannot recall the name. The first FPS I can recall playing is "Carnivores". (What a surprise to learn it was re-released as a smartphone game a couple years back.)

There's a kickstarter to get it back on PC, you should check it out.
Two wrongs don't make a right, but two negatives do make a positive.

User Info: JYLE_BrH

2 years ago#47
Descent 2, and I still play it rather frequently.

User Info: rainmcmanis

2 years ago#48
Mine was Chexquest. I am so glad to see this answer here! I have it on my PC but really can't get myself to set it up and run it. I'm almost positive this game should remain a great nostolgic memory because I bet it is a terrible buggy game now... Geez I might just have to check it out now. Thanks gamefaqs.

User Info: sharkie912

2 years ago#49
either combat arms or soldier front ;;

User Info: GXL_Leon

2 years ago#50
Doom 2
Will "Haunting Ground" make it to PSN store someday?
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