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Is a Seiki 50" 4K TV good for gaming?

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User Info: DV8ingSources

2 years ago#11
Eli_Sama posted...
me the Seiki for $400 and I can use it to play in 1440p,

4k doesn't scale to 1440p nicely... don't bother. It will end up being a crappier 1080p screen than what you likely already have. Just buy a nice 1440p monitor for that 400... or don't, it's your money.
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Steam: DV8ing1

User Info: chris121691

2 years ago#12
Don't they retail for something like that anyway lol?

User Info: Eli_Sama

2 years ago#13
I'll buy a Qnix then, thanks.
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  3. Is a Seiki 50" 4K TV good for gaming?

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