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What is the Holy Grail of all PC games?

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User Info: Hagan

3 years ago#131
Lord ZhouYu posted...
I argue Ultima.

Reason: It spawned two entire genres of games.

Going off of that logic, Warcraft III spawned even more
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User Info: Fade2black001

3 years ago#132
Judgmenl posted...
HighOnPhazon posted...
I'm trying really hard not to get mad at you.

Wow. There are these things called opinions.

I tried playing BG and BG2 once. I couldn't get past the prologues.

Here we have a guy that doesn't belong in the PC "master race"
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User Info: thefabregas22

3 years ago#133
Mr Pibbs drama home
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User Info: pothocket

3 years ago#134
Team Fortress 2 is the current holy grail.

User Info: BringBackDaRift

3 years ago#135
Age of Empires
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User Info: MarceloSampaio

3 years ago#136
Little Big Adventure

This one may not be THAT important...

But it, together with its successor, are among the best games ever created. ^^
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User Info: Nemerlight

3 years ago#137
GTA 3. For sometime people would even call similar games "GTA like" rather than freeroaming.
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User Info: Radar

3 years ago#138
Medeyer posted...
Commander Keen

I have all of them on floppy but Keen Dreams.


3 years ago#139
Can not talk for others, but for me some of the essentials were Quake, Starcraft, and Half life.
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User Info: TsugumoHanshiro

3 years ago#140
tristin809 posted...
System shock 2.

Awesome RPG, fps, and horror game. With an amazing story and atmosphere.

Oh no, I forgot this. I really loved it - there's not much that can even compare to it until today.
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