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Windows 8.1 video playback problem

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User Info: peter064

3 years ago#1
I have this weird problem when playing back video in windows media player or vlc. I have made pics of what happens in this album

Video plays fine at first, then after a few minutes it messes up the playback controls. The third pic is what happens when trying to resize or move wmp around, messes up whole screen and showing multiple icons on taskbar and the fourth shows another program being affected by it. I had to scroll over the top bar for it to show up but it still hides the menu bar. When i minimize wmp to the taskbar, the screen operates properly.

Built pc in may with clean install of windows 8 and updated to 8.1 before installing programs
Using geforce 335.23 driver as i had no other problems except for this one only.
This also does not happen when playing games.

PC Specs
Windows 8.1 with media centre 64-bit
core i5 4570
2 x 4.00 DDR3
gigabyte z87x-d3h-cf
evga gtx 770
250GB ssd 840 evo
1TB seagate hdd

Help is appreciated.
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