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[Good Deal Intensifies]

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User Info: gamefaqwatcher

2 years ago#21
[Good Deal Intensifies]

Damn already own it. Maybe i should get another copy, if i don't like it i'll get a refund.
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User Info: arleas

2 years ago#22
Jprime666 posted...
I have a slightly weird question regarding Terraria.

I played the PSVita version and at one point I decided I wanted to drain the ocean into the underworld. So I spent an hour or so making an elaborate tunnel to watch the water flow, but once the water started draining for a couple minutes it all locked up for several seconds and when it came back the drainage was done.

I assume this was a case of me moving too much across a large world, and the comparatively weak Vita couldn't handle it all happening in real time.

As a matter of interest, does this happen in the PC version too? I don't actually care enough to install it right now and try it out.

I can verify that it takes a very long time to drain the ocean into the underworld and it CAN result in the game slowing down... I don't remember it locking up on me though. Also, if you did quit the game during the process and came back it would already be emptied. I think it's just a flaw with how he does the water physics (unless he updated that in the recent update since I haven't played it much since then).

It's the equivalent of moving an ocean one bucket of water at a time.

Worst part is that you don't even really flood the underworld much because they made it so that the water evaporates. I think it still can pool up but otherwise, it evaporates.

User Info: TitanStrike

2 years ago#23
water is a bit better than it was but it was fixed like a year ago so you probably wouldn't know if you are relatively new.
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User Info: PhilOnDez

2 years ago#24
pitt12177 posted...
AlexTheNextOne posted...
Protein bars are 2 for $2 downstairs in my building right now.

Protein bars / drinks are the biggest rip off known to man.

How so? I buy 10 packs at $6 and eat one as a meal. They fill me up about as well as anything else, better than a lot of fast food meals at least and I'd be hard pressed to cook something as filling myself for cheaper. It doesn't really provide much nutrition outside of the protein but better 200 calories that didn't give me much than 1200+ in a fast food combo that gave me equally little.

Also, bottled water is a much bigger ripoff. $.05 a gallon from your tap or about $4.50 a gallon in a bottle, that's 90x more expensive for the same thing.
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